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The REAL Secret to Ranking On Page 1 of Google

Is Your Quest of Ranking on Page 1 of Google Damaging Your Business?

I know, I know, you probably think I am being crazy, but trying to HARD when it comes to ranking on Page 1 of Google could be causing your business harm. And here is why: 

SEO in the Beginning

When I first started with ranking on Page 1 of Google for my websites - it was easy. I mean real easy. People had sussed out what Google used to rank sites. Back Links, on page SEO ...er that was about it. Get Keyword matching domain, post a couple of thin articles, create some articles with keywords, stick them on article directories, link them back to your site (using keyword as anchor text). Build loads of back links from anywhere. And you were done - page 1 of Google. Simples. But GOOGLE have well and truly slammed that door shut now, with various algorithm changes with their crazy name search engine changes. Google Panda, Google Penguin, Google Hummingbird etc. Now things are very different. And yet - one thing remains unchanged.  What is that? Simple. Quality content.

Ranking In Google NOW

Google has over 200 signals it uses when ranking sites. So trying to hit every one of those signals takes time, and A LOT of effort. But one thing I have learnt - is that being on Page 1 of Google is not the be all and end all - traffic is. Now that may sound strange, because surely you get traffic by being number 1 on Google. And that is correct, bit traffic comes from creating compelling content that people want to share, and link to - and in doing so - the quality rises to the top. So you can concentrate all your efforts on trying to workout how the Google search engines work - and kid them first, and then concentrate on the articles. Or concentrate on your articles first.

Why did you start your blog - to share your content

When you started a website, or blogging - why was that. Just to make money, or to share your knowledge and advice. If it was the first, then you are not building your business on solid ground. If it is to share knowledge and advice, then the money will follow - if you do it right. The REAL secret is creating content that people want - is to understand what people are looking for, and how they are looking for. That has never changed. This is your keyword research - and is still a crucial part of ranking. The key is to discover what people want want answered, and how they are trying to find the answers.

So if you can create quality content, in detail and well presented, then you are already halfway to ranking. Yes SEO is still important, but after keyword research, creating the quality content, with rich media, then the SEO should follow. The content creation should be your priority, after all, without content, you have nothing worth utilising the power of SEO. And good content will make your SEO easier.

So, here is how you should concentrate your efforts:

  1. Keyword Research to find out what your audience is wanting to know
  2. Writing an 800+ word article, with pictures, and headings (reflecting your keywords and latent semantic keywords)
  3. On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

Let me know what you think?