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How to Deal with TOO MUCH Information in Internet Marketing

too much informationHow Do You Deal With Too Much Information?

Today we are constantly bombarded with too much information. And although we all think we can multiskill - experiments have shown that your IQ drops 20 points when you try and work on 2 things at once!

I have recorded a short video about too much information in internet marketing, and how to focus on the rights things ... to get success.

It's no secret that today's technology rich world is an
informational geyser - information is coming at us from all angles. Every day, thousands of sources of
new data and information pour into your inbox and desktop, and increasingly smart phones and tablets,
all intent on providing you with new insights and ideas
for how to boost your Internet marketing tactics.

But, in many of those cases, the result is simply
overload. Ask yourself. How much information can you actually absorb from
day to day and even then, how much of that information do
YOU need?

Decide What Information You Need

The first thing I tell anyone suffering from
information overload is to sit down and make a list of
what they actually need. You'd be surprised how much
information you don't actually need to have.

For example, if you're subscribed to 25 different blogs
about affiliate marketing, what do you actually get from
those blogs each day? How many hours do you spend reading
posts that you could be putting the tactics you've learned
in the past to work?

The easiest way to measure the value of the information
you bring in is to see if you actually use any of it. Many
times, you'll find that you don't use it at all. Reading
200 articles a month about exciting new ways to create and
use a blog to make money doesn't help you if you have yet
to set up a single blog.

So, remove any informational sources that only pile on
more options for how to do something you have yet to do. A
good trick is to have your favourite blogs on RSS feeds.
Then, you can look at the posts together each day and
determine which ones seem to hold the most value.

Choose 5-10 articles each day to read and stick to
them. Even if there are 100 articles out there that have
valuable information, you'll never get anything done if
you read them all. It defeats the purpose of having that

What About Information Products?

An even bigger problem for information junkies is the
allure of a new money making system or product that hits
the market. In Internet and Affiliate marketing - the onslught on "new products" seems relentless

Many people have the knowledge and tools needed
to become truly effective affiliate marketers - and yet never get
there because they spend more time reading new eBooks and
pondering new systems rather than actually putting them to

My rule for this is simple. No matter how good a new
product looks, or how low the price seems to be at the
moment, don't buy or read any new information products
unless you've finished the one you're currently working

And, when I say finish, I mean more than just reading
all books and watching all the videos. I mean completely
and utterly finished, having tried all the tricks and
developed all the sites using the tools of the program you

This is important, because too many people will get
excited about a program, buy it and then find that they
don't like the way it works or that they are really
excited about a different program.

They hop from one program to the next without ever
investing the time needed to get anything done with the
product in question. I don't know about you - but I like
to get my money's worth out of something.

The key to information overload is to simply forget the
information exists. I'm as big of a proponent of reading
and learning as anyone you'll ever meet, but if you
continuously spend more hours a day researching and
looking for new "tricks" you'll never be able to put them
to use.

Trust yourself and the knowledge you've gathered and
jump into the deep end. You'll be surprised how quickly
you float and start to swim.

The REAL Secret to Ranking On Page 1 of Google

Is Your Quest of Ranking on Page 1 of Google Damaging Your Business?

I know, I know, you probably think I am being crazy, but trying to HARD when it comes to ranking on Page 1 of Google could be causing your business harm. And here is why: 

SEO in the Beginning

When I first started with ranking on Page 1 of Google for my websites - it was easy. I mean real easy. People had sussed out what Google used to rank sites. Back Links, on page SEO ...er that was about it. Get Keyword matching domain, post a couple of thin articles, create some articles with keywords, stick them on article directories, link them back to your site (using keyword as anchor text). Build loads of back links from anywhere. And you were done - page 1 of Google. Simples. But GOOGLE have well and truly slammed that door shut now, with various algorithm changes with their crazy name search engine changes. Google Panda, Google Penguin, Google Hummingbird etc. Now things are very different. And yet - one thing remains unchanged.  What is that? Simple. Quality content.

Ranking In Google NOW

Google has over 200 signals it uses when ranking sites. So trying to hit every one of those signals takes time, and A LOT of effort. But one thing I have learnt - is that being on Page 1 of Google is not the be all and end all - traffic is. Now that may sound strange, because surely you get traffic by being number 1 on Google. And that is correct, bit traffic comes from creating compelling content that people want to share, and link to - and in doing so - the quality rises to the top. So you can concentrate all your efforts on trying to workout how the Google search engines work - and kid them first, and then concentrate on the articles. Or concentrate on your articles first.

Why did you start your blog - to share your content

When you started a website, or blogging - why was that. Just to make money, or to share your knowledge and advice. If it was the first, then you are not building your business on solid ground. If it is to share knowledge and advice, then the money will follow - if you do it right. The REAL secret is creating content that people want - is to understand what people are looking for, and how they are looking for. That has never changed. This is your keyword research - and is still a crucial part of ranking. The key is to discover what people want want answered, and how they are trying to find the answers.

So if you can create quality content, in detail and well presented, then you are already halfway to ranking. Yes SEO is still important, but after keyword research, creating the quality content, with rich media, then the SEO should follow. The content creation should be your priority, after all, without content, you have nothing worth utilising the power of SEO. And good content will make your SEO easier.

So, here is how you should concentrate your efforts:

  1. Keyword Research to find out what your audience is wanting to know
  2. Writing an 800+ word article, with pictures, and headings (reflecting your keywords and latent semantic keywords)
  3. On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

Let me know what you think?


What is Backlink Commando?

Backlink Commando is the new WordPress plugin from Sean Donahue that aims to help you rank on the first page of the search engines. Let's face it, as internet marketers we all want to get on that prized position of the first page of Google. And with all the changes that Google keep making to their search engine algorithms (Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird) it is not easy. So when a piece of software comes along, claiming to be able to help rank my sites more easily on Page 1 of Google, I sit up and listen.

So is Backlink Commando any good, and what does it actually do?

The thing with trying to rank your sites high in the search engines , is, that it has to be done right. Do it wrong and you will sink like a stone, or even worse - get penalised by Google. But do it right, provide good content, and you can rank on page 1 of Google. After all, about 40% of all clicks on Page 1 of Google - go to the site ranked number 1 for a specific search query.

What you need is link authority.  You need your page or post to be linked to because it as seen as an authority in your particluar niche. Sites with existing authority, that link to you - will transfer some of that shine and gloss - and authority back to your site.

Backlink Commando is a a WordPress plugin, that is easy to install, and will help you get to the top of the search engines. It will automatically boost your link authority, help you automate the whole back linking process (but in a non-spammy way).

It is easy to set up, and intergrates with loads of other useful software. Rather than explain in detail I thought I'd give you a sneak preview.


I think it is well worth checking out - and I have an amazing BONUS just for you if you want to buy it now:

Check out my BONUS PAGE:



List Building Techniques – [Internet Marketing Bootcamp]

List Building Techniques


List Building is essential in internet marketing, and I hope to explore some key list building techniques here today. It is a real cliché, and you will read it all over the web, “the money is in the list”. This is so true. Cultivate and manage your list carefully, and you have a group of keen and eager buyers for products you want to promote.

How powerful is having a list? Well sometimes it is like turning on a tap to get more cash. Imagine that. Need a cash injection - turn on the tap and out it flows. Okay, so I am exaggerating a little, but I just want to show you an example of what I mean.

Last week I came across a great product - that was well priced, and actually really worked. It made me want to buy it, so I did. .On Sunday, I was planning to take the kids to see “Despicable Me 2” (first time to cinema for my youngest one - he loved it.) Anyway,  I was just sitting at the computer contemplating whether I should just send out a quick email to my list telling them of this great SEO product I had discovered. The kids were whining about going, and I was thinking, nah! I’ll think about the email later, and just go to the movies. Then I thought - what the hell, it will take me 2 mins. I have nothing to lose.

So I quickly wrote the email - added link to the product (my affiliate link of course) - hit send, grabbed my coat - and off we went to see “Despicable Me 2.”

I was sitting in the restaurant afterwards, trying to keep the kids in order, when I thought I’d just check my Paypal account on the mobile. Check what my balance was. When I looked there was $130 more than I expected.

1 - I had forgotten about the email I sent

2 - I hadn't realised it paid instant commissions straight to my Paypal account. (double bonus).

When I got home, I logged on to look in more detail - and basically I had made 6 sales of this brilliant SEO product. It was just a spur of the moment thing. And, ok, $130 may not be much, but it paid for the cinema trip - the bill at the restaurant - all with plenty to spare. And just to think I wasn't going to bother sending the email.

It was just one of those pleasant little surprises. 2 mins work - $130. Sweet.

list building jvzoo

Sure I have earned more from email campaigns - but those I have planned and taken more time on, or have been off the back of a big launch. This was different. This was great SEO product I thought my list would interested in. It was priced right.

The key thing here is that the product matched my list’s need: -

(1)  How to Rank for Tough keywords, something we in internet marketing all struggle with sometimes.

(2) It was a good product, priced well (sort of price people are prepared to make an impulse purchase)

(3) My list trusts me - because I deliver value (through the free Internet Marketing Bootcamp and other training I offer.

When you get those 3 elements right - you can literally turn on the tap - and make some cash!


(here is the link to the SEO Training Program I was recommending)


Paid Advertising VS Your List

Currently I am testing out paid advertising, something I have avoided for now, preferring to build my list and traffic organically. But relying on free traffic when list building can be labour intensive and take time. Whereas with paid traffic - it is instant and you get a lot more traffic, much more quickly. So you can really boost your business. The downside is you have to pay for it. But, you pay for free traffic as well - after all it is YOUR TIME, and TIME IS MONEY - so is it really free. Your time has a value.

Anyway, since I managed a few sales just by sending an email to my list, I thought I would send some paid traffic direct to the offer, and turbo-boost my earnings. After all, it had converted well - so I knew it was something people buy.

I opted to use FACEBOOK - made an ad, and ran it for 2 days (total cost $25). My ad was seen by over 7000 people - I had 61 clicks on the ad. And NO SALES!!!!

List Building Internet Marketing Bootcamp

No Sales!! To be honest I was disappointed. So I started to analyse why?


FACEBOOK advertising can be tricky. Sure, I received a load more PAGE likes on Internet Marketing Bootcamp Facebook page. But that was not the point of the exercise. I wanted people to click on the sales page of the product - and buy it!

So what was the difference. Both campaigns had a 61 clicks (coincidentally). Yes one produced 6 sales, and the other didn't. So what was the difference?  The difference is between Hot and Cold.

My list I have nurtured, cultivated and looked after. I have built authority and trust with my list over time - so they are potentially hot buyers.

The Facebook traffic were curious - but not necessarily hot buyers, and even though the ad had a far reach - the leads were cold, as I sent them direct to a sales page.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Paid traffic is can be good. I just may have targeted the ad wrong, Facebook may not have been the right paid traffic method. But the main problem …. I did not warm them up.

I should have offered them something free - say to sign up to the Internet Marketing Bootcamp. If it interests them, then they went through the free course - they will then see I am an authority, I can build a rapport and trust. They then become hot leads - and potentially down the line start to purchase things from me.

So is it about quality and not quantity? No, I say it is quality AND quantity. If you are going to use paid advertising, you need to make those initial low quality leads - high quality leads. Collect leads, offer value, build trust and authority - and then those leads will pay you back. Time and again, over and over.


Video Marketing Strategies – [Bonus Training]

Here at the Internet Marketing Bootcamp I have talked before about the importance of using video marketing strategies as one of your key internet marketing strategies. Using video is very powerful because it is effective at a number of levels. It ranks easily, it drives traffic, it engages people - and it can help build and establish your brand - especially if the brand is YOU. i.e. you are trying to become an online authority in your niche or market. You can do that easily with video marketing. Add to all of this that you can do it for free, and you have the second biggest search engine to publish your videos (YouTube) - you can begin to see just how powerful video marketing is.
Check out the video where I go into more detail about using video marketing as one of your key marketing strategies.

Internet Marketing Strategies - Video Marketing from Lewis Clifford on Vimeo.

http://www.internetmarketingbootcamp.org Video marketing is ESSENTIAL if you are going to be successful at internet marketing, building a list, creating leads. You can rank quickly, and rank high in the search engines.

You can become an authority in your niche or area. That is why I use video marketing - and YOU should to. Want to know how powerful making videos can be. Then check out the Lauren Luke story. How a shy, nervous, single parent mum, became a global makeup brand - just by recording little videos and uploading them on Youtube.


Want to know how easy it is to rank on page 1 of Google. Just look at this screen shot for a search I did on "How To Make $5,000 Per Month" - My videos take up the first 4 spots on Google Page 1. That is with no back linking, and just sharing a little on social media. That is powerful stuff.


For more training like this - join my FREE Internet Marketing Bootcamp at http://www.internetmarketingbootcamp.org

For more tips on using Video and How to Rank on Page 1 of Google with Youtube videos check out the following bonus modules:

How to Rank on Page 1 of Google using YouTube

How to Create Professional Looking Videos for Free

Why YouTube Must Be An Essential Part of Your Traffic Generation


How to Earn $5,000 Per Month (part 3) – Show Me The Money and Scaling Up

How To Make $5,000 per month - Show Me The Money and Marketing

So this is my third video in the series on “How To Make $5,000 Per Month” from Internet Marketing. In this post I will be discussing the time delay between earning commissions and actually getting your hands on the cash - and the importance of using a percentage of that earned cash to scale up your business by smart marketing.

Hope you enjoy.

How To Make $5,000 Per Month From Internet Marketing - The Key To Growing Your Business from Lewis Clifford on Vimeo.

http://www.internetmarketingbootcamp.org/bim5000 This is the third in my series of videos under the banner of How to Make $5,000 per month from internet marketing. $5,000 per month, passive income - is a genuine achievable target - if you follow the right strategy, and the right blue print - then you can get to $5,000 per month. What would an extra $5,000 per month mean to you?
This video (and the others I have recorded) provides useful strategies, techniques, tips and approaches for success.
Join me at the BIG IDEA MASTERMIND at http://www.internetmarketingbootcamp.org/bim5000


The point of these videos are to:

(1) manage realistic expectations

(2) set achievable targets

(3) provide the stratgey, tools and mindset

All with the intention of helping YOU get to $5,000 per month passive income from internet marketing.

For more details, strategies and tools - SIGN UP here now:



How To Earn $5,000 Per Month (Part 2) – The 3 Essential Pillars of Success

So here is the next in my series of videos on "How To Earn $5,000 Per Month" on-line. As with everything in life, there is a basic formula, or over-arching strategy you require. Have the right foundations in place, and you are setting yourself up for success.

I have seen dramatic increase in sales in all my online businesses, since I have applied these strategies - if anything, I wish I had know this approach at the out set. Most of it is common sense, and I touch on Stages 2 and 3 in myInternet Marketing Bootcamp - Bonus Module on Building A List.


It basically breaks down into 3 key components as illustrated below:



Selecting the "right" product is essential, and the opportunity of earning recurring commissions IS a must. Why? Because you only have to make the sale ONCE, and it will keep paying every month. That is how you can get to 40 sales over a period of time - once you have made the 40 commissions - from that point on EACH month you are getting 40 x whatever the commission for the product is. And at $125 a commission - that would be $5,000 per month. Target reached.

So two points about this - as I have said none of this happens overnight, BUT with recurring monthly commissions, you know that you just need to hit a certain number of sales - and it DOES NOT have to be EACH AND EVERY MONTH. Because the commissions are NOT one off commissions - they are monthly recurring commissions.

I hope all of this makes sense, and please let me know if you have any feedback.

As I state in the video, setting all this up can take time and money, that is why I have come across an opportunity that provides you with:

1. The Product

2. The Landing Pages

3. The Sales Pages and Follow up emails

All you are required to do is generate and send traffic to the key landing pages. Because this frees you up to concentrate on just one aspect of the overall strategy - I think it is one of THE most effective ways to earn money from internet marketing. And with the free Landing Page software that comes with it - you can apply the strategy of lead capture to other sales offers you might have.

If you are really serious about getting to a passive income of $5,000 per month from internet marketing, then I recommend you check out the free training videos join me in the Big Idea Mastermind, today.



How To Earn $5,000 Per Month – Just Don’t Expect It Overnight

Want To Know How To Earn $5,000 Per Month from Internet Marketing?

As I have documented before, plenty of people earn $5,000 and much more from internet marketing in its various forms. So can you earn $5,000 per month? And How do you go about achieving that target of $5,000?

I have recorded a video that talks about how $5,000 per month is an achievable target - if you apply yourself, plan it out, and follow the right path to success. None of this happens overnight. In the video I reveal a few personal issues - that drove me to internet marketing - but also how, I placed too much emphasis on getting instant results - and in doing so you are setting yourself up for failure. The path to success is just that, a PATH - and you need to take it step by step. We can help you do that. We can provide the roadmap, tools and software - but you need to understand that the path must be followed.

How To Make $5000 Per Month - Managing Your Expectations from Lewis Clifford on Vimeo.

For more information on getting to $5,000 Per month - hit the button.


New BONUS Modules Added

So I have added some NEW BONUS Modules to the Internet Marketing Bootcamp Training. You will find them under the "BONUS TRAINING" in the Menu at the top of the page.

IMBCbonusIn this BONUS TRAINING I will include strategies and techniques to enhance the FREE training you have had in the main Internet Marketing Bootcamp Training section.


I also intend to add some GUEST SPEAKERS, people in the internet marketing and online business that are already successful, who can teach us new strategies and techniques. One of the key elements to success is surrounding yourself by successful people - so hopefully watching the MODULES from the GUEST SPEAKERS will be the NEXT BEST THING.

Anyhow, let me know what you think of the BONUS MODULES - and also let me know if there are any Internet marketing areas you would like me to cover.

CLICK this link to the BONUS PAGE


UPDATED MODULE 7 – Ranking on Page 1 Of Google

Welcome to Module 7- Ranking on Page 1 of Google.

IMPORTANT: I just wanted to let you know that I have this Module 7 due to changes in the way Google ranks websites.

You need to make sure you watch this MODULE again, as it deals with the important changes to GOOGLE's search
engine algorithms.

Google made a number of updates to the way they rank sites in Google. These are known as Google Panda (which I address in
the Internet Marketing Bootcamp, and Google Penguin (which came out after I had launched the IMBC).

So I have updated MODULE 7 - Ranking on Page 1 of Google to reflect the changes, and make sure you are all
keeping Google happy.

The key change (in the middle of the Module 7) is NOT to overuse ANCHOR TEXT of your MAIN KEYWORD
when you are building back links. This is what we USED to teach. But it is now considered BAD PRACTICE.

You need to make your link building feel natural and organic - this means using a variety of styles of back link.

Watch the video MODULE 7 again, and it should all make sense.