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How to Create Landing Pages – That Look Amazing and Convert

How to Build Professional Landing Pages

ProfitBuilder504Landing Pages are crucial to being a successful internet marketer. Whatever your online business, you need a page that can capture customers.

Whether it is by getting their email, getting them to join up by FACEBOOK, or providing them with training or webinars. Having a destination for your traffic where you can get the attention of potential customers is essential.

I have talked before about the 3 key steps to internet marketing success,

  1. Step 1: Have a landing site
  2. Step 2: Build a List
  3. Step 3: Convert and Monetise that List

It is simple - but it all starts with having a landing page where you can capture the details of potential customers. Why? Because research has shown that people tend not to buy on a first visit. And if you don't start getting customers details - then that is a potential sale lost forever. Build a list, and you have a ready made audience, and potential source of income. You are no longer reliant on just driving traffic to your site and hoping.

But How Do You Create Landing Pages

So how do you capture the email details of people, and start building that list? Simple. With a great landing page. I have just come across this amazing landing page generator, with industry busting templates. I'm no designer, so something like this is a god-send for me. Check out the video:

Want MORE details - then check it out here: www.internetmarketingbootcamp.org/profitbuilder


What is The Best Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners?

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Getting started in affiliate marketing can be difficult, because you may well be bombarded by so much information, or people trying to sell you the next best thing. But really affiliate marketing is easy. It is about finding a formula or blueprint, sticking to it - and not getting distracted by lots of other things:

So which affiliate marketing courses do I recommend for beginners, and what if you are a little more advanced? I have recorded a short video for you:

[awsmvid play="0" hide="0" skins="2" size="2" ]2gcPjP5g1xE[/awsmvid]

Click Here for GOOGLE SNIPER 2

Click Here for Forever Affiliate

Google Sniper Review 2014 – Was I Wrong?

GOOGLE SNIPER 2 Review- UPDATE 2014 (again)

So, many of you will have seen my controversial Google Sniper 2 review for 2014. Since I originally recorded that video and post, things have changed! So I sit here a bit embarrassed. I may have been a bit harsh and too early to judge George Brown and the guys at Google Sniper have listened to what I have had to say, and made some IMPORTANT UPDATES...

They are updating all the relevant parts of Google Sniper 2 to make it compatible with the search engine changes and general changes in SEO, since it was first launches back in 2011.

Click here to see what I am Talking about?

They have added brand new updated video modules to Google Sniper 2 and they are in the process of updating the GOOGLE SNIPER MANUAL

TheBRAND NEW, UPDATED videos now in Google Sniper 2 include a video on the new Google Keyword Planner (tool that replaced Keyword Tool) and how to use it.

In addition extra videos include:

  • CLICKBANK update video

  • NEW Keyword Research video

  • New Sniper Site Creation Video

  • New Ranking Video

Some of these videos are over 1 hour of intensive training, and are based on the really good webinars and updates they regularly post in the Google Sniper X Membership area (Google Sniper X is the monthly membership upgrade to Google Sniper) - so they are not just quickly rushed updates.

There are suggestions on new tools that can help with Keyword research such as Ubersuggest.org

I have been fortunate, that having keeping up to date with changes in affiliate marketing and niche marketing - that I regular adapt and apply new techniques to my sites - so they are still rank in Google and get traffic. I have applied those tweaks and changes to my original Google Sniper sites, over the last year or so.

You still have to work at the Keyword research - to be successful, but they have NOW updated the SEARCH and COMPETITION criteria to make it easier to find keywords to be effective and emphasize the need to be creative in the way you approach the keywords.

Along with the updated videos - they have also revised the criteria you need to think about when looking for Keywords in Google Sniper.

Updated criteria for finding Keywords in Google Sniper 2 for 2014

Original Recommendation:

Keywords: 2000 searches a month (phrase match)

Competition: 13,000 competing sites

These were always VERY tough criteria - and over the last few years as more and more people become Google Snipers - become even tougher.

However, things have changed - and now Google Sniper have revised the criteria

NEW Recommendation:

Search: 1,000 (now of course exact match)

Competition: Up to 50,000 to 100,000 competing sites (which is what I use)

i.e. don’t go for all the obvious niches (be more smart about finding keywords that will give you a healthy profits.

(When you buy the course - the video will go into more detail about what you need to be thinking about)

The focus is still to create mini sites that are earning at least £300 per month (so you build a portfolio of 10-15 sites - earn you $3,000 to $4,500 per month)

I am doing a worksheet about all the KEY changes and tweaks you should make so Google Sniper 2 is as powerful as ever.

If you are a member of Google Sniper X (which you can try for $1 when you sign up) - then there are regular fortnightly webinars, anyway, on latest techniques and ideas to succeed with your Sniper sites. So the GOOGLE SNIPER X membership is WELL WORTH upgrading to, because it always stays FRESH, and keeps abreast of any changes in affiliate marketing techniques, with loads of great case studies of real, Google Sniper sites.

So is Google Sniper 2 still effective in 2014?

Well, yes…. but ONLY if you apply the new suggestions and updates, that they NOW make in the course. As I have always said, the priniciple of Google Sniper 2, i.e. making lots of niche sites that earn at least $300 per month each - is still sound. It is just the method that needs to be updated, and they have now started doing that.

So on that basis, because of the updates (and especially if you Google Sniper X) I can now continue to recommend Google Sniper 2.0 for 2014.

Give it a go (CLICK THE LINK BELOW) - it is one of the BEST introductions to affiliate marketing and making money online, and it is where I got started in making my first serious money online.



Investing In Your On Line Business For Success [Bonus Training]



You HAVE to spend money to succeed. Here at the Internet Marketing Boot camp we teach a lot of methods that involve free tools or techniques. But eventuqally tehre comes a point where you must start spending money and really investing in your business - to start seeing REAL success. There are 3 main ways to invest in your internet marketing business for success. I see these as:

Part 1 – Education
Part 2 - Marketing
Part 3 - Outsourcing

“Millionaires invest their money, and spend what is left.

Most people in society spend their money, and then invest what is left”

There is a distinction.

Money makes money.

1 – Invest In Your Education

Education COSTS money.

None of this – “university of life” Bull crap. That is time consuming, and hit and miss.

You go to school – that costs money *(the state or government pay) – or if you are really lucky and have rich parents – they pay!! The government or state is making an investment in you.

And why do rich parents pay for their childrens’ education. Because unfortunately some of the BEST education (and network opportunities) is at the Private schools.  They are making an investment in their child’s future

You pay for what you get.

Study for a career at university – you pay!

Do an apprenticeship – you are on a reduced rate, but the company is effectively paying for your education. They are making an investment

I studied for my law degree when I was at work – it cost $6K a year. *(fortunately for me my company paid). But they were investing in their business by investing in my education.


And you tend to get what you pay for!!!

So why do you think you DO NOT have to pay for Training in creating a successful Online business.

Why do people think they can get that education for FREE.

To get a real education, to really learn – you need to invest in your education.

To really be successful – to really make decent money, and not just scratch around the edges of success. You need to INVEST IN YOUR EDUCATION.

The Internet Marketing Bootcamp FREE Training I offer, don’t get me wrong. It is a great course, but it was only ever meant as a taster course.

To see if internet marketing is something for you. To see if you are cut out for the type of work needed to succeed.

But if want to make that step to online success – you need to get down to the real detail. You need to do indepth training – from the best practitioners around. It is time to go to graduate school.

Just like university. Do your research on internet marketing courses. Find out who offers the best training, which produces the best results (successful students who excel at their chosen career).

Are You Really Serious about making money online, investing in your future, making a BIG steop to the lifestyle you want.

Then INVEST in your Internet marketing Education Now.




Video Marketing Strategies – [Bonus Training]

Here at the Internet Marketing Bootcamp I have talked before about the importance of using video marketing strategies as one of your key internet marketing strategies. Using video is very powerful because it is effective at a number of levels. It ranks easily, it drives traffic, it engages people - and it can help build and establish your brand - especially if the brand is YOU. i.e. you are trying to become an online authority in your niche or market. You can do that easily with video marketing. Add to all of this that you can do it for free, and you have the second biggest search engine to publish your videos (YouTube) - you can begin to see just how powerful video marketing is.
Check out the video where I go into more detail about using video marketing as one of your key marketing strategies.

Internet Marketing Strategies - Video Marketing from Lewis Clifford on Vimeo.

http://www.internetmarketingbootcamp.org Video marketing is ESSENTIAL if you are going to be successful at internet marketing, building a list, creating leads. You can rank quickly, and rank high in the search engines.

You can become an authority in your niche or area. That is why I use video marketing - and YOU should to. Want to know how powerful making videos can be. Then check out the Lauren Luke story. How a shy, nervous, single parent mum, became a global makeup brand - just by recording little videos and uploading them on Youtube.


Want to know how easy it is to rank on page 1 of Google. Just look at this screen shot for a search I did on "How To Make $5,000 Per Month" - My videos take up the first 4 spots on Google Page 1. That is with no back linking, and just sharing a little on social media. That is powerful stuff.


For more training like this - join my FREE Internet Marketing Bootcamp at http://www.internetmarketingbootcamp.org

For more tips on using Video and How to Rank on Page 1 of Google with Youtube videos check out the following bonus modules:

How to Rank on Page 1 of Google using YouTube

How to Create Professional Looking Videos for Free

Why YouTube Must Be An Essential Part of Your Traffic Generation