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How to Deal with TOO MUCH Information in Internet Marketing

too much informationHow Do You Deal With Too Much Information?

Today we are constantly bombarded with too much information. And although we all think we can multiskill - experiments have shown that your IQ drops 20 points when you try and work on 2 things at once!

I have recorded a short video about too much information in internet marketing, and how to focus on the rights things ... to get success.

It's no secret that today's technology rich world is an
informational geyser - information is coming at us from all angles. Every day, thousands of sources of
new data and information pour into your inbox and desktop, and increasingly smart phones and tablets,
all intent on providing you with new insights and ideas
for how to boost your Internet marketing tactics.

But, in many of those cases, the result is simply
overload. Ask yourself. How much information can you actually absorb from
day to day and even then, how much of that information do
YOU need?

Decide What Information You Need

The first thing I tell anyone suffering from
information overload is to sit down and make a list of
what they actually need. You'd be surprised how much
information you don't actually need to have.

For example, if you're subscribed to 25 different blogs
about affiliate marketing, what do you actually get from
those blogs each day? How many hours do you spend reading
posts that you could be putting the tactics you've learned
in the past to work?

The easiest way to measure the value of the information
you bring in is to see if you actually use any of it. Many
times, you'll find that you don't use it at all. Reading
200 articles a month about exciting new ways to create and
use a blog to make money doesn't help you if you have yet
to set up a single blog.

So, remove any informational sources that only pile on
more options for how to do something you have yet to do. A
good trick is to have your favourite blogs on RSS feeds.
Then, you can look at the posts together each day and
determine which ones seem to hold the most value.

Choose 5-10 articles each day to read and stick to
them. Even if there are 100 articles out there that have
valuable information, you'll never get anything done if
you read them all. It defeats the purpose of having that

What About Information Products?

An even bigger problem for information junkies is the
allure of a new money making system or product that hits
the market. In Internet and Affiliate marketing - the onslught on "new products" seems relentless

Many people have the knowledge and tools needed
to become truly effective affiliate marketers - and yet never get
there because they spend more time reading new eBooks and
pondering new systems rather than actually putting them to

My rule for this is simple. No matter how good a new
product looks, or how low the price seems to be at the
moment, don't buy or read any new information products
unless you've finished the one you're currently working

And, when I say finish, I mean more than just reading
all books and watching all the videos. I mean completely
and utterly finished, having tried all the tricks and
developed all the sites using the tools of the program you

This is important, because too many people will get
excited about a program, buy it and then find that they
don't like the way it works or that they are really
excited about a different program.

They hop from one program to the next without ever
investing the time needed to get anything done with the
product in question. I don't know about you - but I like
to get my money's worth out of something.

The key to information overload is to simply forget the
information exists. I'm as big of a proponent of reading
and learning as anyone you'll ever meet, but if you
continuously spend more hours a day researching and
looking for new "tricks" you'll never be able to put them
to use.

Trust yourself and the knowledge you've gathered and
jump into the deep end. You'll be surprised how quickly
you float and start to swim.