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What is the Circle of Profit?

The Circle of Profit Explained

What is the Circle of ProfitSo a number of people have asked me "What is the Circle of Profit?". The Circle of Profit is a book by Anik Singal, in which he sets out a basic business model for turning a passion into a hhighly profitable online business. With examples and based on his past experiences, Anik Singal has par-boiled down the basic steps you need to start a legitimate online business.

I'll let Anik explain, in this extract from his first webinar:

The process is split into a number of phases, and Phase 1 is an easy entry level, low to no cost method to make money online.  It is all about creating a simple webpage, building an email database of subscribers, and then connecting with those subscribers and monetising them. It is basically the same as my "3 Steps To Building anOnline Business" . Once you are successful at Phase 1, then you can easily and confidently move into Phase 2 of the Circle of Profit.

Turning Your Passion Into Profit

Phase 2 is all about you channelling your passion into an information product or service, that you can then sell to your subscribers, and have affiliates sell on your behalf. This is where the big money comes,. Although it may sound intimidating - product creation is very easy (and can be cheaply outsourced if necessary).

Phase 3, is expanding and building on the success of Phase 2.

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