Twin Peak Profits Review

  Welcome to my full and detailed TWIN PEAK PROFTS Review. I will explain what it is, walk you through the product (see video review below), and tell you whether Twin Peak Profits is worth the money, or is a scam. The sales video is VERY hypey - and normally my BS alarm bells would be ringing very loudly! But I decided to bite the bullet, and see WHAT EXACTLY all the fuss is about? Does it leave up to the hype? Is it worth your $47!!

To see what I am talking about you can CHECK IT OUT HERE:


Twin Peak Profits is a new affiliate marketing course AND software from Tim Atkinson and Zak Meftah. In short it is a detailed introduction to affiliate marketing, and what is required to set up small niche sites, that earn you an affiliate income. In addition, it some  powerful software (and the requisite training videos walking you through how to use it) that allow you to "automatically" set up and launch these niche sites in a few minutes. Effectively it is an all in one niche marketing product.

For a $47 outlay you get detailed training videos that explain clearly, in a step by step process, what you need to do to create niche sites, that you can set up quickly so you can earn affiliate income from these sites. This is very similar to other affiliate marketing courses on offer BUT with this comes the additional software package, which automates the process of creating  launching  these sites very quickly.

Training is split into 2 key sections. The first takes you through the world of affiliate marketing using niche sites, and includes how to do keyword research, how to find ideal keywords with the right level of competition and searches. The second part includes detailed training walking you through the process of using the software to automate the process of setting up these sites.


The first section of training covers all you need to know to get yourself up to speed on the world of affiliate marketing and niche sites. It covers the following areas:

 The Niche Sniper Market
Aligning Expectations
Types of Sites
Finding a Micro-Niche
Keyword Research Part 1
Keyword Research Part 2
Competitor Analysis
Content Creation
On-Page SEO
Selling Your NS Sites

The second part of the training takes you through the powerful software package that automates the processof  to creating, finding and populating with content and launching  NICHE SITES within a few minutes. This is all done using a step by step wizard.

The training videos for this take you through each step of the process:

Hosting and Domain Set up
Your System Profile
Cpanel Account Set Up
Affiliate Account Setup and Finding Your ids
Campaign Management: Starting a New Campaign
Campaign Management: Clickbank Research Module
Campaign Management: Amazon Research Module
Campaign Management: Keyword Research Module
Campaign Management: Content Creation Module
Campaign Management: Configuration & Installation



Now, what sets this a part from ordinary $47 courses on affiliate marketing, is that Twin Peak Profits includes a powerful software and wizard that allow you to create websites, find content, spin that content, add your own unique content, add your affiliate links for Amazon, Clickbank and Google Adsense - and launch the sites, all without leaving the members area. It really does SPEED up the whole process of creating and launching web sites - meaning you can get web sites, full of content and your affiliate links incredibly quickly.

The software is ideal for creating the following sites (super quick!)

Amazon Sites
Authority Sites
Launch Jacking (cashing in on big affiliate launches)
Micro Niche sites (basically Sniper sites)


Is It Worth It?

The sales video for Twin Peak Profits is very "hypey" and seems like a scam. It probably puts a lot of people off buying the product, because it really lays on the hard sell. And that is a real shame.  Does it live up to the hype?No, you are not going to be earning thousands within a few days. Get real. BUT! Re-align your expectations. And consider the price. The whole package is $47. So is Twin Peak Profits worth it? Basically yes. The training itself is as good, if not better than a lot of affiliate courses on offer for similar prices - but factor in the incredible one-stop web site creation and launching software - with its easy, step by step wizard, and it is great value.

Yes, you will get the hard sell, and there are loads of UP SELLS that they try and get you to buy. I have not reviewed those, and I encourage you to sail past these and get to the real meat and potatoes of what is on offer. If you are a newbie the course is excellent. If you are an experienced with niche affiliate marketing, then the software is a great way to create and launch lots of sites - so you can build a portfolio of money making sites.

At the end of the day, I was VERY Sceptical of TWIN PEAK PROFITS, especially after seating through countless upsell videos (arghh!!). My advice is by all means, if you can click thru all the upsell videos - then take a look. But for newbies - you can't beat Google Sniper 2