IM Target Review

If your looking for a detailed and frank IM Target Review, the new affiliate marketing product from Anik Singal, then you have come to the right place. I have recorded a video with a walk through of the members area, and show you exactly what you get for your money.


Anik Singal has been around for sometime, and released a number of different training and software products before. and is very successful at this.

Some of his sales copy used to be super-hypey - he even made a mini Bollywood action film to promote one product. Starring himself....!!!!

But more recently he has gone back to what he was originally really good at, teaching people and providing training, and avoiding some of the previous hype and bs, while also providing a decent customer support resource .. which is always refreshing.

I like Anik, as a person, he is an enthusiastic guy, and his enthusiasm rubs off on you.

So let us take a look at his latest launch - IM Target.
There is so much here, so I may rush through a bit to show you everything, but I want to give you an overview of what you get for your money.

IM Target is a complete one stop affiliate marketing training course, toolset, software and  resources. The idea being, it puts all the training and tools of affiliate marketing into your hands, then teaches you how to use it - and ultimately make you money online.

Follow the Roadmap

You get an introduction for Anik, who explains the concept behind the course, and how to find your way round it.

A road map is provided - and you just simply follow the STEPS as outlined. I’ll go through the main dashboard before we go through those steps.

A quick word on the software provided. The initial software that comes with this allows you to set up a site instantly - so you have your first ready made mini site.

BUT as ANIK states very clearly in his introduction - if you think this is some kind of one click wonder software to make money - then THIS IS NOT for you. This is a really important concept to understand.

You then have to apply the training, to then get traffic, and start making money. This is always encouraging to me when it comes to these affiliate marketing software and training. Anik tells you that you have to commit to do the training and put in the work.

And you have a lot of training here ......and I mean a lot. That is why a road map is provided, so all you need to do is just follow the steps. Even with the road map - the sheer quatity of information may feel overwhleming. But just take it step by step.

One of THE BEST things about this though, is that unlike a lot of other similar training produces, that just gives you the info and leaves you stranded,  - what you get here are weekly LIVE training sessions. Which you should sign up to straight away (as in Step 3). I think this is really cool, on a number of levels, not least of all it forces you to take action, on a regular basis!

In addition they provide regular weekly updates and strategies you can use. This keeps it fresh and upto date with the latest techniques for internet marketing.

It is like your own affiliate marketing academy, with a library of resources, tools, and of course regular training seminars.

Let’s look at the Steps:

  • Step 1: Introduction/Welcome from Anik Singal
  • Step 2: Basic Training/Software
  • Step 3: Sign up for LIVE TRAINING
  • Step 4: Elite Training
  • Step 5: Make $50 a sale - JV sign up
  • Step 6: BONUS Mini course training
  • Step 7: Access DONE FOR YOU SITES
  • Step 8: More Handheld Training




You can launch a site straight away, no fees, using this initial software. I would advise going through the basic training before you do this (especially if you are new).

This is on a hosted platform - i.e not your own domain.
Also, as stated very clearly you are unlikely to earn money if you DO NOTHING else. But it is the starting place, and for beginners will feel like that have something to start with.

You then start applying the training to get traffic etc to your hosted mini site.
II would go in and re-write the articles, just to make them feel more unique, and add more posts, so your site stands out and has a better chance getting ranked, and traffic. But with all the training and resouces that will become clear.


BASIC TRAINING is very important to understand. - ideal for newbies. But even if you think you know all about affiliate marketing, it is useful as a refresh.

Basic Training - they consist of really short videos (2-3 mins), that introduce the main concepts of:

  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per CLick
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Article Marketing
  • WordPress
  • Clickbank
  • CPA Marketing
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Mobile Marketing



These short videos act as a sort of glossary for key affiliate marketing terminology ,so ideal for beginners, as it helps you understand the key concepts of affiliate marketing. So when they start the main training, and the live training sessions - it will all make sense.
A lot of courses don’t explain the concepts they demonstrate, so it can be overwhelming for newbies. This is why I really like these simple introductions to the key aspects of Affiliate marketing.

There is a further section for Newbies - with articles/presentations - some upto 30 pages long,  explaining the following in far more detail:

  • affiliate marketing works in more detail.
  • paid advertising
  • web optimisation
  • blog marketing
  • email marketing
  • business analysis
  • keyword research
  • web development
  • web promotions
  • traffic generation
  • social media optimisation
  • Social media marketing
  • web business development
  • tools and software
  • General FAQs
  • Web Analytics
  • Web Monetization



There is so much stuff here.... and if you are a newbie, then it is a great way to learn the fundamentals before you get stuck into the actual training.

Then comes the ELITE TRAINING, that covers:
Weekly Strategies
Weekly Seminars
Video Tutorials:

Weekly Strategies:

Every week their strategy team rolls out a step-by-step blueprint to help grow your business.
But already there is a ton of stuff here, mostly downloadable manuals (in .pdf form)


The list is pretty extensive:

  • Web 2.0
  • Guest Posting
  • Squidoo
  • Google Adsense
  • A Guide to Google Webmasters
  • Profiting with PLR
  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Website Flipping
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google+ For Your Business
  • Linkedin Marketing Guide
  • Amazing Amazon
  • Role of Content in SEO
  • The Power of Pinterest
  • E-Book Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing Guide
  • Online Outsourcing Guide
  • Video Marketing WoWs
  • WordPress SEO Secret
  • Craiglist Marketing Strategies
  • WordPress For Absolute Beginners
  • Understanding Mobile Marketing
  • Beginners Guide to Ecommerce
  • cPanel Tutorial Guide for Beginners
  • Top 7 Online Monetization Methods
  • Setting Up Personalised Email with Google Apps
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Adsense Optimisation
  • Best Traffic Generation Strategies
  • Making an Email List
  • Article Marketing (in 2012)
  • SEO for 2012 onwards



I mean - it is ALL here...... every strategy you could possible need. This is one all mighty library resource.


Sign up for a new seminar each week from one of the teams coaches

Video Tutorials

these are “over the shoulder” tutorials that show you exactly what to do, covering.

How to Create a Google Adsense Account
How to Create Clickbank ID
How to Sign-Up For Amazon Affiliate Account
How and where to contact support desk?
How to use Ready-Made Websites?
How to Make Money With Instant Affiliate Packs?
How to Create an FTP account
How to Configure Nameservers on
How to Configure Nameservers on Dynadot and GoDaddy



(and yes, some of this stuff has appeared in Anik’s previous products - in fact I think he has put everything he has ever done into this - but if you are new to this, there is so much content - and considering the price, there is SO MUCH value here.)
Crucially there are really important updated sections on how that deal with the Google search engine updates in 2012. This is good to see.

I’m not sure I have seen a course packed with so much stuff, especially considering the software that comes with it. And I haven’t even got started showing you all of this.

This is like the ULTIMATE affiliate marketing resource.

UPGRADE section - this is an upsell:


A collection of ready made sites promoting some of the most popular CLICKBANK products, or loaded with Amazon ads and Google Ads.

You just load them up to your domain (that you would have bought following thorough research as outlined in the training)  - change the affiliate settings, and BOOM! there you are. Ready made sites.
These DONE FOR YOU SITES listed under following categories:

INSTANT AFFILIATE SITES - these are review sites of particular products, with star ratings and reviews around certain CLICKBANK products - all done for you, with articles, and ready made autoresponder emails to send to the list that you will build up etc

PI CREATOR TOOL - Profit Instruments site based around a specific Clickbank product with articles and information (and all with built in Amazon ads etc)


Ready Made Sites use “Open Solution” which is a bit like WordPress (just not as funky and as user friendly). it is a bit technical, but at the end of the day it is just “monkey see, monkey do” - just follow the step by step instructions (very carefully) - as you will want to refresh, and add new content, and of course add your affiliate details to the ads etc.

With all these DONE FOR YOU SITES, You will definitely have to go back and change/re-write the content so it feels fresh and unique, but at least you have instant sites to work on, and if you add new content over a period of time, you can make them far more Google friendly.

But this is an uber quick way to have a whole portfolio of sites in no time , all set up and done for you -- so it means you can concentrate on traffic generation and off page SEO.

Now, some of the videos on this are a bit unclear in terms of the definition, and when they are showing stuff with tiny text can be a bit difficult to read, it would be nice to have them in HD, but they are all fairly short - and show you the steps you need to take, so just watch them a couple of times if you are unsure.


You are getting a ridiculous amount of information here, especially for the price. Yes, I think some of it is rehashed from some of Anik's earlier courses and products, but that is not such a bad thing, especially if this is your first time buying one of his products.

But quantity is not quality. All the information is useful but some of it is a little dated, and some of it could be better presented. If that was all you were getting and nothing else, then the product would be mediocre. But what really sets this a part is the weekly updates, and training they offer. This keeps it fresh, and means what they are teaching is how to apply and use the information effectively in 2013 onwards.

As an introduction to affiliate marketing then it is great for beginners, because it gets into so many aspects of affiliate marketing, in easy bite sized chunks.

Then you have the software, which is great for getting something up and running. But, as they make clear in the course, you won't make any money if you just do nothing else. You have to put the work in, carry out the training in the weekly sessions, apply what they teach in the resources.

Having the weekly updates and weekly training sessions also serves another purpose. It keeps you engaged. A lot of these courses just leave you high and dry. But this is different and helps you get engaged with the wealth of information here.

Is it good value? Yes, absolutely, if only based on the amount of information and resources you are getting. The software is super easy to use, and a great idea to feel like you have some sort of real estate on the internet to start off with plus, with a better than average funded customer support - overall it is amazing value package.

I think if you attend the weekly seminars, put in the effort, then you have all the tools and resources you need to succeed. Just buy the course and do nothing, you won't. Obvious I know, but so many people are not prepared to work at it - they think just buying these things will deliver the dream on a plate.

That is NOT how it works. You have to put the effort in.

Perfect for beginners, a great resource for the more experienced.

With IM Target, Anik gives you all the tools and resources you need, then teaches how to apply it. Ultimately the question of whether you will make money from it, is are you prepared to put the work in, when all the tools and knowledge for success have been provided for you.

If yes, then this great value product is for you. Click the link below to order from official site.