Internet Marketing Bootcamp – All the Training In One Place

I have been tinkering away - and now the Internet Marketing Bootcamp is located all in one place, so you can see all the training modules in one area.

Previously the Internet Marketing Bootcamp was sent as a daily email - each day with a new video module teaching you the delights of Internet Marketing, SEO and making money on-line.  A lot of you were so eager for the next installment that you asked me if there was any place you could get all the training in one hit.

So here it is - in my newly launched and re-designed Internet Marketing Bootcamp site.  [see TRAINING menu above]

Now, you will have to register to get a PASSWORD to access the Training (it is FREE) , and over the next few weeks I will be adding a lot more useful tips and tricks in the BLOG area.

Also - coming soon will be my comprehensive ELITE TRAINING, this will be an exclusive area for those of you who want to take their Internet Marketing to the next level - but more on that soon.

In the meantime, I would love it if you would REGISTER for the BASIC TRAINING - if only to refresh yourself of the course. Also, I would love to hear your feedback, and any areas you think I should be covering.


I hope you enjoy.

Is this the Answer to Creating UNIQUE Content – FAST!

Best Content SpinnerWriting so much content - that is UNIQUE is a pain. Let us be honest. Having to provide fresh, unique content for Article Directories, Social Media sites, Web 2.0 blogs - can be time consuming.

But it doesn't have to be. Creating Unique content, and therefore backinks - can be done extremely quickly.

Sharing great unique content across the top article directories like Ezine Articles, ArticleBase, ArtcileSnatch etc and many,many more, will DRIVE more visitors for your main Website or blog – and MORE traffic means more MONEY.

But one problem I know I faced, when it comes to article marketing is how can you create UNQIUE CONTENT (which GOOGLE loves) and avoid DUPLICATE CONTENT (which GOOGLE is NOT so keen on)?

Google has made a lot of changes in its search engines, and duplicate content can damage the rankings of your main web site in the search engines.

There are some great tools to help this – I already showed you the Free Article Spinner which I hope you found really useful – BUT there is a software programme that takes this to a whole new LEVEL, and will help you create UNIQUE search engine friendly CONTENT in MINUTES!

I use this a lot, and with each new version I am amazed at how very powerful and intuitive it is.

It is called the “BEST SPINNER”

Right NOW, they are offering a 7 Day trial for only $7.

It is a no-brainer!! I highly recommend you try it out and see for yourself how brilliant this content creation software really is.

For only $7 you can try it out immediately.

Simply click on the link to see it in action – I know you will be impressed


What Next After The Internet Marketing Bootcamp?

So you have completed the internet marketing bootcamp, and hopefully, you will be ranking on page 1 of Google very soon. So how DO YOU actually make money online with Internet Marketing? What are your options? How do you monetise your site, or make money from your new set of SEO and Internet Marketing skills.

I have out together a little video, that looks at a number of options to think about.

A lot of people make a steady income from affiliate marketing, selling products from Clickbank, Amazon and many of the other affiliate marketing networks.

My favourite courses that excel at this - and are packed with really good content are:

Google Sniper (now on version 3.0)

Unstoppable Affiliates

They take you through the process of finding:

  • the right products to sell,
  • to how to make visitors want to buy - what we call "conversions",
  • plus loads of traffic and monetisation ideas.

I have personally had a LOT of success with Google Sniper. - and it is really good course if you sell Clickbank products - where you can earn good commissions.


Don't for get to join us on FACEBOOK/InternetMarketingBootcampHQ where there is loads of tips, training and advice - in how to make a success of Internet Marketing.





Best Article Directory Sites

So in Module 8 of the Internet Marketing Bootcamp, I talked about the importance of getting good links from the top Article Directories, by contributing good, unique articles.

Here are my Top 10 Article Directories that I concentrate on delivering quality, unique content..

1 EzineArticles 
2 Articles Base
4 Niche:Self
5 Niche:WebProNews (Web Business) UNIQUE
6 Article City
7 Search Warp
8 Article Alley
9 Article Dashboard

10 Go Articles

I will blog later about Good Article writing tools that can help you produce UNIQUE CONTENT for lots of sites.

Internet Marketing Expectations

When it comes to Internet Marketing, there are lots of people offering lots of good advice.  But how do you sort through all the hype and BS.

Yes, people do make a money with Internet Marketing

Yes, people do make A LOT of money with Internet Marketing

But don't let them kid you, they have worked hard to get into that place, and while it may now appear easy to them, it took a while to get to that place.

So as long as you go into internet marketing with your eyes open, and you don not expect to make a $100,000 over night - then you can start building your own internet marketing business.

The key thing about making money on line is,



RINSE and REPEAT I am hopeless at keeping focuses, and time that should be spent working on my Internet business, is often spent watching another video offering millions overnight, or a answer to automate all my work.

Remember, the first rule of Internet Marketing ...

... there is NO Push Button system to instant wealth

the second rule of Internet Marketing ?

..... there is NO PUSH BUTTON system to instant wealth.

Understand those rules, and you are set. Learn your trade, put it into practice. Once you discover how to make money on line, keep doing it - "Rinse and Repeat". Build your online business and your reputation.

Don't give up - and keep going.

Focus, Consistency and Rinse & Repeat

Don't forget to check out the Internet Marketing Bootcamp course