Why I Quit The Empower Network

Today I Left The Empower Network

Empower Network ReviewSO I made a BIG decision today. And I wanted to share it with you.

So I decided to cancel my affiliate account with Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network today, and since I have promoted this – specifically the Big Idea Mastermind, I wanted to explain why.

To explain, Big Idea Mastermind is just a vehicle I use to promote Empower Network, so when I say Big Idea Mastermind – I effectively mean the Empower Network. It is actually the Empower Network I quit.  Big idea Mastermind just provided the tools and training to promote Empower Network, and was actually free to join – but obviously you needed to pay to join Empower Network so you could promote that using Big Idea Mastermind. Hope that all makes sense.

So first of all – yes, I made money with the Empower Network using Big idea Mastermind, as I showed in my “4 Weeks later video”, and I continue to make money – albeit on a much smaller scale.  There is a good reason for this. The money you make is directly proportional to the effort and work you put in. When I first signed up, I put a lot of work in, and I made money very quickly. I even state in my original video – that it does work, but you need to scale up.

More recently I have been working on other areas of my business, and I have not have the time to dedicate to Big idea Mastermind/Empower Network. Spending time of this is important, and the training and advice at both Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network make this very clear. You need to be blogging everyday on the site, maybe recording a video – they had a 90 day video programme where you made a video for 90 days. All of this takes time, and I have other business areas I need to concentrate on. The less time I spent on it – the less I made (quell surprise, go figure!)

Building a team is one thing, motivating, supporting and encouraging that team is another. All of this takes time – and I think that people become very disillusioned very quickly when they don’t start seeing the money and the cars and the lifestyle that is in all the sales videos. Hey, I get that.  That is a big issue with making money online courses – many are so over-hyped they set expectations far to high. Don’t get me wrong – people do make a lot of money from Big Idea Mastermind. They are the people who invest (1) Time (2) Money.

To be a real success at Big Idea Mastermind you need a big list – and a big list quick. They quickest way to get that is to pay for it. But to get a quality list cost good money. If you are committed and prepared to make that investment – you WILL see results.

But most people who sign up – tend to not have that kind of money or are unwilling to invest the kind of money that gets BIG results.  Secondly, building a list takes time – so if you are brand new, it can be quite a while before you start earning money. People just don’t have the patience, so give up far too easily.

Look – no one Is going to give you the lifestyle you dream of on a plate. You have to invest in it. Invest in your time – and yes, invest a little money.

I have been investing all my time and effort in my main business – that is SEO Consultanting and Internet Marketing Boot Camp training. I am working on new training and products – and this is taking up a lot of my time. I make good money from my affiliate promotions and blogs – across a range of products – but information and physical (golf, keep fit, shaving equipment,  G-Shock watches).


Absolutely, I learnt so much with the Big Idea Mastermind aspect itself. With the free landing page software, how to collect and build email lists, how to create powerful sales funnels, grwat copywriting skills – so much. Vick Strizheus at the Big Idea Mastermind really knows his onions! (English phrase!) . It has been one of the best sources of training I have had.  Stuff that I have applied to my main business and blogs – and have dramatically increased my revenue. It is the kind of powerful training I teach to my Internet Marketing Boot Camp students – why? Because it works.

So, by all means, sign up to Big Idea Mastermind or Empower Network if you want.  But be very clear, it costs time and money to succeed. Success does not happen overnight – and if you are not prepared to commit 100% - then it maybe it is NOT for you. If you want to make money online, I think there are more sustainable, and easier ways in to making money  online.

I have decided that it is no longer for me.  Ironically it is the Empower Network element and less the Big Idea Mastermind that I have issue with. For me there is not quite enough “product”. As a business model I think it is really good, BUT if they made it more of a tangible “product”, rather than just training. Look,  I made money from it, I walk away knowing I made a profit, and more importantly have been taught really valuable and powerful  training that I apply to my own business.  So I am not here to dis this. I am just explaining that it no longer forms part of my business plan.

From now on I’m concentrating on my core internet marketing business, trying to do business with integrity, and only promoting products I have fully tested and have real faith in. Hey, not everything works - and you have to try things out. You will always learn something along the way.

Let me know what you think.

And don’t forget - if you want to get my FREE Internet Marketing Boot Camp – click the here.



The Best Internet Marketing Offer I Have Ever Seen….

Internet marketing offers are ten a penny. If you’re like me, you've probably seen a lot of hyped up product launches on the internet lately. I get them come to me ALL the time, partly because of my reputation, and partly because I am on so many lists - it is my job after all.

Needless to say, it takes something special to REALLY get my attention any more.

So today I want to tell you about a CRAZY 7-day firesale that will shock you even if you’re a jaded internet marketer 😉

It blew me away, and that’s why I wanted to share it with you.

Check out this short video, and you’ll be shocked when you see it:


On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being perfectly normal and 10 being certifiably insane, this deal is an 11!

These three guys are really off their rockers.

They explain their reasoning in the video… and it does seem to make sense… but I still have to wonder.

Nevertheless, their crazy decision is YOUR gain!

I recommend going to this site and “ripping off” this amazing system before they changes their minds:


This page is going to be taken OFFLINE in 7 days (or sooner if they comes to their senses), so be sure to check it out right away!

This would be a great way for you to start a new business or expand your existing online business.


There’s an endless stream of potential customers for this certain niche. Every day, thousands of people want to know the answer to this ONE question.

These guys are offering so much value in this new course that ANSWERS the question, but here’s the kicker…

They’re also including a RESELLER license, so you can cash in on this niche for yourself!

Amazingly, they don’t mention the reseller license until about halfway through the video, so a lot of people aren’t even going to notice.

That’s why I wanted to give you a heads up on this. It’s really a great course, but the reseller opportunity is VERY hot.

If you’re interested in cashing in on a very lucrative niche, be sure to check this out today:


This page is going to be taken OFFLINE in 7 days (or sooner), so be sure to grab it right away!




Google Sniper 2 in 2014 – Actual Results After 4 Weeks

Google Sniper 2 Review 2014 - 4 Weeks After Use

This is another Google Sniper 2 Review for 2014, where I show actual results after creating a Google Sniper site based on the principles of George Brown's Google Sniper 2 training. So does it still work? That is one of the most common questions I get asked.

As my regular followers will know, about 3 years a go I purchased Google Sniper 2.  Google Sniper 2 claims to be a simple introduction to making money online, using affiliate marketing - by creating mini sites that earn around $300+ per month each. I had tried a few other courses before this - but this was the first one that broke eveything down into simple, easy andn effective steps.

Showing Real Results After Using Google Sniper 2

I did an initial review of the course - and then another review of Google Sniper 2 4 weeks later (you can see that here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXAqBZ0YT8o

I did this, because most reviews just show you a course, they don’t show you whether the training and techniques actually work. Affiliate marketing does not get results overnights - anyone saying it does is full of … well, BS. It takes a few weeks for a site to rank in Google and for you to start making money. So I thought 4 weeks is enough time to see if I got any results. Anyone who watched that original “4 weeks later review” will see that I did get results. That 4 weeks later review has been much copied now, and has had nearly had 100,000 views.

So I thought I would revisit Google Sniper 2 in 2014, to see if it still works. Why, because a lot has happened to affiliate marketing over the last few years, and Google has certainly changed the goal posts in how they ranks sites - and this has had a dramatic impact on many of the old techniques people used to make money using affiliate marketing.

As I have pointed out in my earlier videos, the Google Sniper 2 team have updated some of the fundamental techniques - so the course and training is effective in 2014. But has it worked!!! Is Google Sniper 2 still effective in 2014?

Well, I thought I would do a “4 Weeks later review” of Google Sniper in 2014". So a few weeks a go I set up a new Clickbank account, created a Google Sniper style site - and I would like to show you my results over the last 4 weeks. So let’s take a look.

It is important that this is the results from just ONE Goolgle Sniper site.

What Are KEY Tips for Success Using Google Sniper 2 In 2014?

So how did I do it, and what are some of the key techniques that I use in 2014 to make my affiliate sites effective.

1. I don’t concentrate on just one keyword phrase per site, I will concentrate on a range of related keywords.

2. I write more full and longer articles

3. I use Youtube and more rich media content

4. I avoid using anchor text links in my back linking

5. I make sure I’m capturing emails and building lists

So there you go, a typical site that earns $300+ a month. No, I’m not earning everyday on this particular site. Some days I make several sales, on others sometimes not.


Yes, Google Sniper 2 could do with some more updates, and some of the videos on setting up the WordPress sites are a bit out of date now - but that's not a major issue, as WordPress sites are super easy to set up. The team at Google Sniper have told me they are adding more updates. So if you want to know how to make money online, get in to affiliate marketing - then there is not a better way to learn than with Google Sniper.

Yes, there are some more advance courses out there, and I can recommend a few of those, like Forever Affiliate but they can be difficult or overwhelming if you have no idea about affiliate marketing, or if you haven’t started making money yet. So if you want to start making money, can follow a simple blueprint, will honestkly give something a go - then check out Google Sniper 2 below. It still works in 2014, and is as popular as ever - which is a sure sign of customer satisfcation - which can only mean that it is working for other people as well. So don’t procrastinate - get started now, try it out. Let me know what you think - and remember, if you want any tips or help - you can always drop me a line.

Thanks for listening. Click the link below.  Now. Cheers. Lewis



Using the New Google Keyword Planner 2014 [Affiliate Marketing For Beginners]

If you are new to affiliate marketing, or even a Google Sniper 2 student, then you may be confused about how to use the new Google Keyword Planner. Google Keyword Planner replaced the Google Keyword Tool in 2013. Many affiliate marketing and internet marketing courses have still teach the out of date method using the now defunct Keyword Tool. So I thought I would do a quick introduction of how to use the Google Keyword Planner tool.

(If you want to get an introduction to affiliate marketing - and start making money online - then click the more information below)

[awsmvid play="0" hide="0" skins="1" size="2" ]JlYqQMikojA[/awsmvid]


Killer Keyword Research Tutorial [IMBC Training]

Doing keyword research can be confusing and time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be. Whatever level you are at in terms of affiliate marketing, then here is some great keyword research training from my main man, Rodney Stokes. Trust me, this is so easy to do, and yet very powerful. Whether you are building Google Sniper sites, or using building sites in the Forever Affiliate style - thisn method that Rodney outlines just works.

[awsmvid play="0" hide="0" skins="1" size="2" ]LO0BagZpGpg[/awsmvid]

Free trial for Market Samurai can be found here :- Market Samurai

Scrapebox here: - Scrapebox

For the easiest way to get started in affiliate marketing, then you should really check out Google Sniper 2.


What is The Best Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners?

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Getting started in affiliate marketing can be difficult, because you may well be bombarded by so much information, or people trying to sell you the next best thing. But really affiliate marketing is easy. It is about finding a formula or blueprint, sticking to it - and not getting distracted by lots of other things:

So which affiliate marketing courses do I recommend for beginners, and what if you are a little more advanced? I have recorded a short video for you:

[awsmvid play="0" hide="0" skins="2" size="2" ]2gcPjP5g1xE[/awsmvid]

Click Here for GOOGLE SNIPER 2

Click Here for Forever Affiliate

Is Video Marketing KEY to My Success

Why I Use Video Marketing?

I have a quick question - how did you first discover my blog or the Internet Marketing Boot Camp? If your answer is through one of my YouTube videos - then you will know why I rate video marketing so highly. Most of of my on-line success comes through video marketing, and in particular YouTube.  There is a very simple answer to why this is. Check the video below:

You need to be doing video marketing NOW. It is not difficult to do, but very effective. I have videos that make me money directly, and videos that drive traffic to landing pages and help build my list. Videos can take a range of forms, from recording your screen, presentations or direct to camera. Even if you are nervous about filming yourself - there are lots of different solutions to make powerful, compelling videos. I will be doing a lot more on video marketing, and improving my videos over next few months ... in the mean time, watch the video below.

[awsmvid play="0" hide="0" skins="1" size="2" ]0LTPTt1wT3Y?list=UUnBEm1Yt6GI95-yPoxGnq8A[/awsmvid]


Who Is George Montagu Brown (creator of Google Sniper 2)

So who is George Montagu Brown (and what is Google Sniper 2)?

George Brown Google Sniper 2So about 2-3 years a go I bought an online marketing course called Google Sniper 2 by a guy called George Montagu Brown, and posted my results after just 4 weeks. (You may have seen the videos). I have recorded various updates since then, showing the success I have had using the techniques and methods George teaches in Google Sniper 2.

So who is George Montagu Brown?

A Millionaire at 20, has had some of CLICKBANK’ biggest selling products,  hob-nobbing with Richard Branson, travelling the world and living the life of reilly. It is enough to make you sick…, in fact in my first video I think I describe he has “very young, and annoyingly rich”. .And yet, when you know the background, it goes to show how it could be you or me ….. George Montagu Brown is nothing special, other than the fact that he put his mind to changing his life, and then did it. But what he did, we can replicate … or even replicate a small part off (I’ll take a small part of $1m dollars!) to start, anyway. Wouldn’t you. Google Sniper 2 is the key to his success and wealth.

[awsmvid play="0" hide="0" skins="1" size="2" ]tSS8YBbRXG8[/awsmvid]

The Beginning

18 year old furniture mover, not the most inspiring. He started looking online, like we all do, for that winning formula - that magic bullet to making millions overnight. But, surprise, surprise there wasn’t one.

After a few trials and errors, a few $100 dollars spent on the odd course here and there, but nothing that really worked, on made it easy for complete beginners.

So he hit upon really simplifying the existing methods people use. Parboiling the methods down into simple step by step instructions, based around creating small sites, with low competition that earn $300+ each a month. Think about that 10 sites $3K a month, 20 sites $6K a month. All very do-able. It didn’t take long for George to jack in the furnitire removal job. He was now earning a passive income, at 18 of thousands a month.  So he wrote down his method, in easy to follow steps. What he created, by just sticking to the essentials of internet and affiliate marketing was a step by step manual called Google Sniper. He sold the book on Warrior Forum - and it sold like the proverbial hot cakes. He made $10,000 in 7 days… he even produced a report on how he did it.

Seeing how successful the manual was, he turned it into a video course, with step by step videos. Perfect for newbies. Because it is just the essential basics of what you need to succeed making money online - it is ideal for beginners. Google Sniper course was a massive success, and one of CLICKBANKS number 1 sellers. When he updated the sourse to Google Sniper 2 a coulple of years ago - it sold gangbusters, and he became a millionaire.

Does Google Sniper 2 still work in 2014.

Yes. Despite all the changes to Google’s search algorithms, etc - why. Because in January 2014 - the Google Sniper team went back and updated the key modules that need changing to suit Google’s search engine changes.

How do I know it still works? Well, I did an experiment and set up a Google Sniper site in January 2014 - and already here are some early results.

So that is George Montagu Brown and Google Sniper 2 - he built his millionaire lifestyle with Google Sniper 2, and I have built a successful online business using the methods he teaches. Remember, he was just a furniture removal guy - with no computer skills, programming knowledge.. and yet still managed to be one of the MOST respected Internet Marketers out there. Millions of satisfied Google Snipers are proof - if it didn’t work, then it would not sell like it does.

So, give it a go - no, you won’t become a millionaire overnight - BUT, if you are looking to start making a passive income online, then Google Sniper 2 is one of THE best places to start. It is where I started. Click the link below, and check out George Brown’s Google Sniper 2 NOW.



Google Sniper Review 2014 – Was I Wrong?

GOOGLE SNIPER 2 Review- UPDATE 2014 (again)

So, many of you will have seen my controversial Google Sniper 2 review for 2014. Since I originally recorded that video and post, things have changed! So I sit here a bit embarrassed. I may have been a bit harsh and too early to judge George Brown and the guys at Google Sniper have listened to what I have had to say, and made some IMPORTANT UPDATES...

They are updating all the relevant parts of Google Sniper 2 to make it compatible with the search engine changes and general changes in SEO, since it was first launches back in 2011.

Click here to see what I am Talking about?

They have added brand new updated video modules to Google Sniper 2 and they are in the process of updating the GOOGLE SNIPER MANUAL

TheBRAND NEW, UPDATED videos now in Google Sniper 2 include a video on the new Google Keyword Planner (tool that replaced Keyword Tool) and how to use it.

In addition extra videos include:

  • CLICKBANK update video

  • NEW Keyword Research video

  • New Sniper Site Creation Video

  • New Ranking Video

Some of these videos are over 1 hour of intensive training, and are based on the really good webinars and updates they regularly post in the Google Sniper X Membership area (Google Sniper X is the monthly membership upgrade to Google Sniper) - so they are not just quickly rushed updates.

There are suggestions on new tools that can help with Keyword research such as Ubersuggest.org

I have been fortunate, that having keeping up to date with changes in affiliate marketing and niche marketing - that I regular adapt and apply new techniques to my sites - so they are still rank in Google and get traffic. I have applied those tweaks and changes to my original Google Sniper sites, over the last year or so.

You still have to work at the Keyword research - to be successful, but they have NOW updated the SEARCH and COMPETITION criteria to make it easier to find keywords to be effective and emphasize the need to be creative in the way you approach the keywords.

Along with the updated videos - they have also revised the criteria you need to think about when looking for Keywords in Google Sniper.

Updated criteria for finding Keywords in Google Sniper 2 for 2014

Original Recommendation:

Keywords: 2000 searches a month (phrase match)

Competition: 13,000 competing sites

These were always VERY tough criteria - and over the last few years as more and more people become Google Snipers - become even tougher.

However, things have changed - and now Google Sniper have revised the criteria

NEW Recommendation:

Search: 1,000 (now of course exact match)

Competition: Up to 50,000 to 100,000 competing sites (which is what I use)

i.e. don’t go for all the obvious niches (be more smart about finding keywords that will give you a healthy profits.

(When you buy the course - the video will go into more detail about what you need to be thinking about)

The focus is still to create mini sites that are earning at least £300 per month (so you build a portfolio of 10-15 sites - earn you $3,000 to $4,500 per month)

I am doing a worksheet about all the KEY changes and tweaks you should make so Google Sniper 2 is as powerful as ever.

If you are a member of Google Sniper X (which you can try for $1 when you sign up) - then there are regular fortnightly webinars, anyway, on latest techniques and ideas to succeed with your Sniper sites. So the GOOGLE SNIPER X membership is WELL WORTH upgrading to, because it always stays FRESH, and keeps abreast of any changes in affiliate marketing techniques, with loads of great case studies of real, Google Sniper sites.

So is Google Sniper 2 still effective in 2014?

Well, yes…. but ONLY if you apply the new suggestions and updates, that they NOW make in the course. As I have always said, the priniciple of Google Sniper 2, i.e. making lots of niche sites that earn at least $300 per month each - is still sound. It is just the method that needs to be updated, and they have now started doing that.

So on that basis, because of the updates (and especially if you Google Sniper X) I can now continue to recommend Google Sniper 2.0 for 2014.

Give it a go (CLICK THE LINK BELOW) - it is one of the BEST introductions to affiliate marketing and making money online, and it is where I got started in making my first serious money online.



Inbox Blueprint Review

Is InBox Blueprint Any Good?

So there here is my INBOX BLUEPRINT Review, for you to enjoy. What is INBOX BLUEPRINT? Well it is the latest course from Anik Singal on how to build a real online business from scratch. And if anyone should know its Anik Singal, having been in the industry for over 11 years - and one of the most well known guys in the internet marketing industry.

So I have been talking about this exciting course from Anik - the INBOX BLUEPRINT, and many of you have asked - what is it all about. So this is my first look review, behind the scenes and at the members area, so you can see what you are getting.

But first, I just want to say something about my own internet marketing experience - especially last year. Last year I had my best year in terms of internet marketing, and this is despite some of my old niche sites dropping out of the Google front page. When I look back at where most of my income and success comes from - it is 2 main things, traffic from Youtube and - more importantly - money from my email list! That is why this year I will be streamilining and concentrating on the 2 elements that bring me most of my internet income. (the old 80/20 Pareto Principle).

Google can muck about with its search engines, change the rules in terms of how sites rank (which it has done a lot over the last couple of years).  IT can make it difficult for people who build a business on lots of little niche sites. Yes, you can still rank on page 1 for a site - but it takes more work. The one thing that is constant, can guarantee me an income. My email list.

That is why I am particularly excited about Anik’s Inbox Blueprint. I have had products from Anik before, and in terms of quantity of content - he always over delivers. But that doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Sometime, a more focussed approach in terms of content is better than mere quantity. This time I think Anik has the balance right - the course is bang on - and more relevant than ever before. If I am honest, email marketing is where most of the online gurus make their money. They may teach you about how to make money from tons of affiliate sites - but the real money? Well that is in building an email list, managing it - and making money effectively.

So with that INBOX BLUEPRINT is all about?

So once you sign up, and login you come to the members area on InBox Blueprint. Obviously you have the obligatory introduction video from Anik. First thing you should do is sign up to the webinars. (if you miss one - don;t worry, they keep the recordings for you.) This webinar approach is a great way to stay focussed (and something I really liked about Anik’s previous courses. So sign up there. Don't worry if you miss one of the webinars, as they are all recorded and you can watch them later, which I highly recommend you do. I have just watched the first 2, hosted by Jeff Lenney (another great internet marketing gut - you are getting coached by the best)

One thing to highlight - and I think is worth mentioning is this bit here. THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME. Yes, done right and with the right work effort you can make a living from internet marketing using the methods outlined here, I made thousands last year - using these techniques. I know for a fact that Anik made sales of over $1M from one product launch and email campaign. NOW, let us be VERY CLEAR - you will NOT DOthat from day one - Anik has been doing this for over 11 years. It is exceptional in the industry. I merely mention it because done right - you can make money, as I have, from the methods in this course.

What Anik has done - is to focus down on the critcial elements, he has cut out all the trial and error that most of us have to put up with, all the mistakes and wrong turns. He has provided a “blueprint” on how to do this RIGHT and EFFECTIVELY.

So how is the course structured. Let us look at the modules.


Step 1 - Addiction Meter

Step 2 - The Bait

Step 3 - TYP Method

Step 4 - Email Machine

Step 5 - List Relationship

Step 6 - Payday Secrets

Step 7 - Easy Traffic

Step 8 - Unlimited


Inbox Inner Circle


Helpful Resources

I highy lrecommed the bonus section - as in it swipe files, optin page layouts you can use, killer words that are proven to get people to open emails etc, etc. This is stuff that has loads of research and testing behind it - so is really valuable.

I hope you found this a useful look. I will update you more in a few week - BUT for now

 Yes, I recommend this. ALOT - especially in 2014 (and after all the changes Google made and keeps making to its search engines.

Hell, yes, I will earn a commission if you buy through me (which I hope you will do)

I want you to try it - stick with it - and get success.

So, interested? Then click the link below, check it out, give it a go - and make some money. If only to prove to yourself that YES - you can do it. You can make money online.

 Remember, you can watch my Inbox Blueprint Review on Youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHAORocAemg

Get Inbox Blueprint here