Inbox Blueprint Review

Is InBox Blueprint Any Good?

So there here is my INBOX BLUEPRINT Review, for you to enjoy. What is INBOX BLUEPRINT? Well it is the latest course from Anik Singal on how to build a real online business from scratch. And if anyone should know its Anik Singal, having been in the industry for over 11 years - and one of the most well known guys in the internet marketing industry.

So I have been talking about this exciting course from Anik - the INBOX BLUEPRINT, and many of you have asked - what is it all about. So this is my first look review, behind the scenes and at the members area, so you can see what you are getting.

But first, I just want to say something about my own internet marketing experience - especially last year. Last year I had my best year in terms of internet marketing, and this is despite some of my old niche sites dropping out of the Google front page. When I look back at where most of my income and success comes from - it is 2 main things, traffic from Youtube and - more importantly - money from my email list! That is why this year I will be streamilining and concentrating on the 2 elements that bring me most of my internet income. (the old 80/20 Pareto Principle).

Google can muck about with its search engines, change the rules in terms of how sites rank (which it has done a lot over the last couple of years).  IT can make it difficult for people who build a business on lots of little niche sites. Yes, you can still rank on page 1 for a site - but it takes more work. The one thing that is constant, can guarantee me an income. My email list.

That is why I am particularly excited about Anik’s Inbox Blueprint. I have had products from Anik before, and in terms of quantity of content - he always over delivers. But that doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Sometime, a more focussed approach in terms of content is better than mere quantity. This time I think Anik has the balance right - the course is bang on - and more relevant than ever before. If I am honest, email marketing is where most of the online gurus make their money. They may teach you about how to make money from tons of affiliate sites - but the real money? Well that is in building an email list, managing it - and making money effectively.

So with that INBOX BLUEPRINT is all about?

So once you sign up, and login you come to the members area on InBox Blueprint. Obviously you have the obligatory introduction video from Anik. First thing you should do is sign up to the webinars. (if you miss one - don;t worry, they keep the recordings for you.) This webinar approach is a great way to stay focussed (and something I really liked about Anik’s previous courses. So sign up there. Don't worry if you miss one of the webinars, as they are all recorded and you can watch them later, which I highly recommend you do. I have just watched the first 2, hosted by Jeff Lenney (another great internet marketing gut - you are getting coached by the best)

One thing to highlight - and I think is worth mentioning is this bit here. THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME. Yes, done right and with the right work effort you can make a living from internet marketing using the methods outlined here, I made thousands last year - using these techniques. I know for a fact that Anik made sales of over $1M from one product launch and email campaign. NOW, let us be VERY CLEAR - you will NOT DOthat from day one - Anik has been doing this for over 11 years. It is exceptional in the industry. I merely mention it because done right - you can make money, as I have, from the methods in this course.

What Anik has done - is to focus down on the critcial elements, he has cut out all the trial and error that most of us have to put up with, all the mistakes and wrong turns. He has provided a “blueprint” on how to do this RIGHT and EFFECTIVELY.

So how is the course structured. Let us look at the modules.


Step 1 - Addiction Meter

Step 2 - The Bait

Step 3 - TYP Method

Step 4 - Email Machine

Step 5 - List Relationship

Step 6 - Payday Secrets

Step 7 - Easy Traffic

Step 8 - Unlimited


Inbox Inner Circle


Helpful Resources

I highy lrecommed the bonus section - as in it swipe files, optin page layouts you can use, killer words that are proven to get people to open emails etc, etc. This is stuff that has loads of research and testing behind it - so is really valuable.

I hope you found this a useful look. I will update you more in a few week - BUT for now

 Yes, I recommend this. ALOT - especially in 2014 (and after all the changes Google made and keeps making to its search engines.

Hell, yes, I will earn a commission if you buy through me (which I hope you will do)

I want you to try it - stick with it - and get success.

So, interested? Then click the link below, check it out, give it a go - and make some money. If only to prove to yourself that YES - you can do it. You can make money online.

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