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Announcement: What is the INTERNET MARKETING BOOT CAMP?

Start an Online BusinessThe Internet Marketing Boot Camp Explained

If this is your first visit to the Internet Marketing Boot Camp - then welcome.  I am Lewis Clifford, the founder of The Internet Marketing Boot Camp. I consider this to be one of the best introductions to how to marketing yourself, or business online. In fact even if you don't have a business - then the training here can show you how to build an online business from scratch.

From the FREE Basic Training - (see more here) to the more advance training available the Internet Marketing Bootcamp provides training and resources covering a whole range of digital marketing including:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • YouTube Mastery
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing

and so much more .... please feel free to browse - and make sure you sign up for the FREE Training on offer HERE:



Azon Authority Review – How to Become a SUPER Amazon Affiliate

FULL AZON AUTHORITY REVIEW - Is This the Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Solution


Azon Authority is a brand new platform/software from Sean Donahue - that makes being an Amazon Affiliate super easy. So what is it all about This is my Azon Authority Review?

Selling products from Amazon on your blogs as an Amazon affiliate is a great way to make money as an internet marketer. Many affiliate marketers have built successful online businesses using the power of Amazon market place.

Anyone can sign up as an affiliate of Amazon, and then you are off! Just take the special affiliate code and stick it on your site. But what happens when you want to take things to the next level and be a MAJOR Amazon affiliate. How about having your own online store?

Having an online Amazon store might seem complicated, but IT IS NOT. Now there is this awesome platform that allows you to create professional looking blogs that tap into the power of Amazon. Not only that - Google will love these blogs (unlike some other Amazon style blogs).

Want more info - check it out here

It could change your whole attitiude to being an Amazon affiliate.


Here is a list of the amazing things Azon Authority can do for YOU!

  • Turn Amazon into Your Dropshipper and Fulilment Service...
  • Propriety SmartCart Engine Integrates with Amazon's Systems...
  • Tap into Over 256+ Million Products that Pay You Commissions...
  • Create a Full E-Commerce and Authoritative Experience...
  • FINALLY, Create a REAL Online Business You Can Be Proud Of...
  • Unlike Other Affiliate Stores, Search Engines LOVE these Stores...
  • 90 Day Affiliate Cookies Maximize Your Profits...
  • Unlimited Automated FREE Amazon Retargeting Campaigns...
  • Full Campaign Manager Ensures You Target the Right Products...
  • Bridges the Gap Between Affiliate Stores and Amazon FBA...
  • Be Up and Running with Your First Store in Under an Hour...
  • Automatic Translation of Your Store in to 92 Languages Instantly...
  • SmartSync Technology Keeps Your Store FRESH and Up-To-Date...
  • Automated Global Geo-Targeting For E-Commerce Domination...
  • Discount Hunter Finds the BEST DEALS Customers Actually Want...
  • Every Single Product Page is Designed for Maximum Conversions...
  • Includes our "Profit Builder Lite Edition" for (Worth $97) FREE...
  • Works with ANY Theme & Includes PBTheme (Worth $197) FREE...
  • Supports Top Spinners to Make Everything 100% Unique...
  • Every Store You Create Is 100% Mobile Optimized for All Devices...
  • Easily Integrate Stores into Facebook for Even More Exposure...
  • Full Keyword Research Engine Helps Identify What People Want...
  • 100% Amazon Compliant to Ensure Your Success, Growth & Profits...
  • Get Real-Time Stats for At-a-Glance Summaries of Your Store...
  • Fully SEO Optimized Including and Rich Snippets...
  • Designed for New and Experienced Marketers Alike...


What is the Circle of Profit?

The Circle of Profit Explained

What is the Circle of ProfitSo a number of people have asked me "What is the Circle of Profit?". The Circle of Profit is a book by Anik Singal, in which he sets out a basic business model for turning a passion into a hhighly profitable online business. With examples and based on his past experiences, Anik Singal has par-boiled down the basic steps you need to start a legitimate online business.

I'll let Anik explain, in this extract from his first webinar:

The process is split into a number of phases, and Phase 1 is an easy entry level, low to no cost method to make money online.  It is all about creating a simple webpage, building an email database of subscribers, and then connecting with those subscribers and monetising them. It is basically the same as my "3 Steps To Building anOnline Business" . Once you are successful at Phase 1, then you can easily and confidently move into Phase 2 of the Circle of Profit.

Turning Your Passion Into Profit

Phase 2 is all about you channelling your passion into an information product or service, that you can then sell to your subscribers, and have affiliates sell on your behalf. This is where the big money comes,. Although it may sound intimidating - product creation is very easy (and can be cheaply outsourced if necessary).

Phase 3, is expanding and building on the success of Phase 2.

Don't Miss out on the next FREE Webinar from Anik Singal:



How to Deal with TOO MUCH Information in Internet Marketing

too much informationHow Do You Deal With Too Much Information?

Today we are constantly bombarded with too much information. And although we all think we can multiskill - experiments have shown that your IQ drops 20 points when you try and work on 2 things at once!

I have recorded a short video about too much information in internet marketing, and how to focus on the rights things ... to get success.

It's no secret that today's technology rich world is an
informational geyser - information is coming at us from all angles. Every day, thousands of sources of
new data and information pour into your inbox and desktop, and increasingly smart phones and tablets,
all intent on providing you with new insights and ideas
for how to boost your Internet marketing tactics.

But, in many of those cases, the result is simply
overload. Ask yourself. How much information can you actually absorb from
day to day and even then, how much of that information do
YOU need?

Decide What Information You Need

The first thing I tell anyone suffering from
information overload is to sit down and make a list of
what they actually need. You'd be surprised how much
information you don't actually need to have.

For example, if you're subscribed to 25 different blogs
about affiliate marketing, what do you actually get from
those blogs each day? How many hours do you spend reading
posts that you could be putting the tactics you've learned
in the past to work?

The easiest way to measure the value of the information
you bring in is to see if you actually use any of it. Many
times, you'll find that you don't use it at all. Reading
200 articles a month about exciting new ways to create and
use a blog to make money doesn't help you if you have yet
to set up a single blog.

So, remove any informational sources that only pile on
more options for how to do something you have yet to do. A
good trick is to have your favourite blogs on RSS feeds.
Then, you can look at the posts together each day and
determine which ones seem to hold the most value.

Choose 5-10 articles each day to read and stick to
them. Even if there are 100 articles out there that have
valuable information, you'll never get anything done if
you read them all. It defeats the purpose of having that

What About Information Products?

An even bigger problem for information junkies is the
allure of a new money making system or product that hits
the market. In Internet and Affiliate marketing - the onslught on "new products" seems relentless

Many people have the knowledge and tools needed
to become truly effective affiliate marketers - and yet never get
there because they spend more time reading new eBooks and
pondering new systems rather than actually putting them to

My rule for this is simple. No matter how good a new
product looks, or how low the price seems to be at the
moment, don't buy or read any new information products
unless you've finished the one you're currently working

And, when I say finish, I mean more than just reading
all books and watching all the videos. I mean completely
and utterly finished, having tried all the tricks and
developed all the sites using the tools of the program you

This is important, because too many people will get
excited about a program, buy it and then find that they
don't like the way it works or that they are really
excited about a different program.

They hop from one program to the next without ever
investing the time needed to get anything done with the
product in question. I don't know about you - but I like
to get my money's worth out of something.

The key to information overload is to simply forget the
information exists. I'm as big of a proponent of reading
and learning as anyone you'll ever meet, but if you
continuously spend more hours a day researching and
looking for new "tricks" you'll never be able to put them
to use.

Trust yourself and the knowledge you've gathered and
jump into the deep end. You'll be surprised how quickly
you float and start to swim.

Google Sniper 3.0 Review – Does it Work?

Google Sniper 3.0 ReviewGoogle Sniper 3.0 – Brand new Google Sniper Review

This is my Google Sniper 3.0 review. In it I take a look at the BRAND NEW re-launch of, the now famous, Google Sniper. George Brown’s Google Sniper training course has been teaching people the basic fundamentals of making money online through affiliate marketing since 2009, and previously had an update in 2011. Now, finally after 3 years he has re-visited his successful formula, that has helped thousands of people build an online business and an extra income stream. But…. Is it any good.


Where It All Started For Me

Many of you, who follow me, will be aware that I found my first success online, following the training in the original Google Sniper 2. I made a recorded a video review of my first week, that now has had nearly 100,000 views.

Check out my original review here:

However, although it is where I first got started with making money online, after about 2 to 3 years I had moved on, and the way Google ranks websites in its search engine had also changed.  So I had built on Google Sniper and adapted to the new methods for making money online. So I started to have doubts about the effectiveness of George Brown’s original training. I highlighted my concerns in another video review, which had a very positive response from the Google Sniper team. Why? Because they had begun to address the issues I raised, and added new training. But it was just a temporary measure. For me, what they really needed to do was to re-visit the whole course.

Well, Google Sniper 3.0 is an attempt to do that, and it is being launched with a lot of fanfare. But is it any good?

You can see my full video review above, but here are the basics:


Easy to follow manual, roadmap and over-the shoulder videos

Just focuses on the basics, so all your efforts can go into just what works

Brand new “Bullet Proof” element added, that addresses all the things you need to bear in mind to be successful in 2015 onwards.

Empire Module – how to start building a Portfolio of money earning sites – that will provide a passive income, by outsourcing.

Sniper Cash Machine – so easy to make “Quick money”, to get your started. This is not the long term business part, just a super easy way to get a cash injection into your new business. Very effective.

Could Do Better:

Would have liked even more videos on the new stuff – but with the regular training Q&A they do, they are always keeping members up to date on the latest methods for success online.


Google Sniper X – a members area for advanced Google Snipers – who may have a few Sniper sites under their belt. Well worth checking out for $1 trail (has a $47 monthly fee)


If you are a newbie, or have been struggling to make money online for a while, the Google Sniper 3.0 method cuts out all the unnecessary details and just concentrates on what you need to succeed. George Brown is a fan of producing “manuals”, and I would have liked some more updated videos to support the training, but overall I am super impressed with Google Sniper 3. Especially the QUICK CASH METHOD – as it not only helps you start earning money very quickly, it also gives you a taste of how easy it can be to make money online. The big money does take time, and those that succeed and are successful online stick with it. Those that don’t, or often blame the system for their failure – tend to be the ones looking for instance wealth with no effort. You still have to work at it – but the Google Sniper system gives you the road map and blueprint to be successful.

I highly recommend it – as you will see in , Google Sniper 3.0 review video, as it could give you the start in 2015, that the original gave me in 2011. So check it out. For more details click the link below:




Affilojetpack 2.0 Review – What Is It? What Do You Get?

Affilojetpack 2.0 Review

Affilojetpack 2.0 ReviewWelcome to my Affilojectpack 2.0  review. Today, I’ll be be taking a look and providing an honest review of AffiloJetpack 2.0 by Mark Ling,  and asking the question on whether this “business-in-a-box” approach to affiliate marketing is effective. I’ll show you what you actually get - with a walkthrough of the members area and a look at the “jetpacks” you get.

Who is Mark Ling?

Ok, so before we get down to the nitty-gritty of Affilojetpack 2.0, I thought it would be worthwhile looking at the man behind Affilorama and Affilojetpack, Mark Ling. As it is always helpful to undertsand the motivation behind the creation of something like Affilojetpack.


Mark Ling began affiliate marketing many eyars ago in college. Before long, his sites were earning him $3,000 per week. Not bad! You Would think? And then some told him that he should an auto-subscriber newsletter series to his websites - i.e. build an email list. It was a lot of work, and cost him thousands of dollars — but it worked, and his income soared.

But then apparently he had a huge crash: His websites got slapped by Google, and his income took a dive.  Believe me, I can relate to this. Sometimes Google can move the goal posts - and boom, undo all your good work. But sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise -as it makes you come back stronger, and build better foundations.

Come back STRONGER

So things were not looking very bright for Mark - and naturally I imagined he questioned whether he would get back to earning anything like $3K+ week. You know what they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.  Anyway, upshot is - he gave it another go - but this time, he would place even more emphasis on building an email list, and making money through email marketing. Something I teach my students. And you know what?

Boom! Now he is an 7-figure super affiliate, leaving the laptop lifestyle! Anyway - so that is all great for him. What about Affilojetpack? And what can it do for you and me?

Well, He has had so much positive feedback about the first version of AffiloJetpack that he decided to launch a second version. FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME very limited time, I've managed to claim a 25% off DISCOUNT! But hurry, get it now, because this offer expires very soon:

So How DO you Make Money Making Affiliate Sites

Anyway, that is all the biography and background stuff out the way. Onto the real meat of this video.

What is Affilojectpack? Loads affiliate and internet marketers do NOT have autoresponders and do not build lists - and then wonder why it is a struggle to make money (durh!) . They rely on their website visitors clicking ads and buying the products then. I teach, and every successful internet marketer knows, you need to build a list.  Mark is trying to teach people though that the REAL money to be made is in email marketing. That is why he created AffiloJetpack: to make it easy for you to make money.


So, ok, as I always say, internet marketing success is based on 3 steps. Build a site, create an email list, convert and monetise that list. Simples. But let us be honest, it takes time to build a site, add content, build a big email sales funnel.  And that is why Affilojetpack is SO awesome. All of this is ready done for YOU! In the best money making niches their are.


Using AffiloJetpack was easy. And I’ll show you.

I got to choose from five of 18 Jetpacks - and pre-researched and proven profitable niches. Each Jetpack is a website kit, with everything you need to make the website and step-by-step instructions on how to do it! You get 100 emails, article research packs, graphics, the custom-made AffiloTheme, a year of hosting for one website, plus three ebooks/reports to use as subscriber bait.

Even better, it comes with a website builder that will basically create your website for you! It will set up your domain and hosting, then install WordPress and AffiloTheme for you. Even better, it will create a Fluttermail email account and pre-install the 100-email autoresponder with your affiliate links automatically added in for you! At the end, you have a money-magnet website, just like Mark creates.

But Writing Content is BORING!!, but paying someone is expensive?

Imagine how long it would take you to create graphics and write 20 articles, 100 emails and a 60-page ebook as subscriber bait for your autoresponder! It would take months to do it yourself. You could outsource it — but it would cost you thousands of dollars. Now imagine doing that for FIVE websites! I’ve saved so much money and time because when I want to create a new affiliate website, I just use one of my five Jetpacks.

Do you find it time consuming to create websites?

Not only does it take a long time to create a website, but getting all of the content together takes so long I usually give up. That is why I am so glad I discovered AffiloJetpack, because now it takes me no more than a few hours to get a website up and running! By using their website builder and their done-it-for-you email newsletter series, I built up a portfolio of five money-making websites in just two days — and I believe that you can, too.


There is something you should know. AffiloJetpack includes one year of free website hosting for one site, but it doesn’t include the domain name. So you should budget for around $10-11 for this if you don’t have one already. But that is literally the only other thing you need to buy, because AffiloJetpack comes with everything else you need to make a commission-crunching affiliate website:

SO Take ACTION, Today!

I highly recommend AffiloJetpack, but ONLY if you are willing to take action now. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your money. It is an investment into YOU and your future. Purchase it now while it is less than half its normal price, and set up your first website. If you know how to copy/paste, you can have five websites up in less than two days! Buy it here for 25% off for a limited time:



77 Secrets to Writing Winning Sales Copy – THAT WORKS

secrets to sales copy50477 Secrets to Writing Winning Sales Copy -  That SELLS

Sales copy isn’t sales copy unless it sells your prospects on your offer. In fact, it’s just an article – a hype filled, exciting article – but an article nonetheless. So, what does it take to turn that dull, one dimensional article into a sales pitch that really works?
Being successful at creating great sales copy is the difference between success and failure. It takes time to master - but once you have understood the key ingredients, and what the psycholigcal triggers are, it becomes easier to master. That’s why I have put together a book on that looks at hitting on the 77 secrets that will turbo boost your sales and help to convert more readers more quickly.

Starting with your headline and progressing through the step after step of a sales page, we’ll hit on every little element you may or may not have heard of since you got started, putting them together into an ideal, top notch strategy that would help you sell ice to eskimos.

The book covers:


So, close that window to Facebook, put away that bag of chips and open up that draft of your sales copy. It’s time to start selling.


What Are the 3 Steps to Internet Marketing Success?

The 3 Steps to Internet Marketing Success Explained.

3 Steps to Internet Marketing SuccessWhen it comes to Internet marketing success, like anything in life, understanding the key principles is key. To be successful at internet marketing it is important to understand what works NOW, rather than what "might" have worked in the past. And Yet, fundamentally, what works today has always worked well, it has just often been overlooked by the latest trend in internet marketing.

So what are the 3 Steps to Internet Marketing Success? Simple:

  • 1 . Build a Site
  • 2. Create an EMAIL LIST/OPTIN List
  • 3. Engage with your LIST, and Monetise and Convert that List.


Think abut it, by not having a list, how much are you losing every day from potential sales? $500, $1000, $5,000 $10,000, $30,000 ??

These are just small amounts that YOU could be losing by NOT building a list of hungry customers for your online business.

So I want to ask …….

How Much Are You Leaving on the table?” by not building your list. You see…. building an online business is not JUST about having a great site. You may have heard the phrase “The money is in the list”. But the truth is that the money is ONLY in the Relatioship you have with the list.

So whether you are a LOCAL business or  online business, whether you sale phyiscal products, information products or services …...having a website that you can use to inform people about your business is NOT ENOUGH, to truely success, you NEED to build your list. This isis key to your success.

BUT where do you start?

Well, in order to really succeed with this you MUST impement the following 3 steps.

STEP 1 - You Need Your Own Website that your visitors can land on, before you can get them on to your list.

How? By using using WordPress. WordPress is super easy to use even if you don’t need any technical knowledge.

It is easy to maintain and has many many benefits.

Step 2 - You need to BUILD and grow your email list to get more sales.

All of the top Internet Marketers will tell you - the Money is in the List. What they mean, is - you will make your sales from the list you build, and not necessarily first time visitors to your site.

In fact - analysis shows that customers tend not to buy until after 5 communications. So you need to capture a vistors details.

Once you get them on to your list, you need to build a relationship with them before you can sell or make money.

So in Step no 3 - it is time to Convert and Monetise the List.

You see, once you have got someone on to your list who has shown interest, you will still need to build a relationship with them. Because the fomula is:

great content = trust = relationship

you give great content that results in trust which results in relationships that ultimately results in sales and conversions

And Ultimately = sales and conversions!


How Do You LEARN to Do ALL of This?

I have designed the WordPress and List Building Bootcamp to teach you how to master these 3 Key steps for Internet Marketing Success.

Which you will learn more about in this course. But how do you do this withour communicating with them one and one.

Well by the end of this course you will know how to set up your relathionship building on autopilot

Thus leaving you time to concentrate on other areas of your life or business. So, if you want to

  • know how to build a professional looking site for your business - without any prior coding experience or programming skills
  • build a list of eager customers, and
  • convert that list in to sales -


then you can get some FREE training here:


How to Create Landing Pages – That Look Amazing and Convert

How to Build Professional Landing Pages

ProfitBuilder504Landing Pages are crucial to being a successful internet marketer. Whatever your online business, you need a page that can capture customers.

Whether it is by getting their email, getting them to join up by FACEBOOK, or providing them with training or webinars. Having a destination for your traffic where you can get the attention of potential customers is essential.

I have talked before about the 3 key steps to internet marketing success,

  1. Step 1: Have a landing site
  2. Step 2: Build a List
  3. Step 3: Convert and Monetise that List

It is simple - but it all starts with having a landing page where you can capture the details of potential customers. Why? Because research has shown that people tend not to buy on a first visit. And if you don't start getting customers details - then that is a potential sale lost forever. Build a list, and you have a ready made audience, and potential source of income. You are no longer reliant on just driving traffic to your site and hoping.

But How Do You Create Landing Pages

So how do you capture the email details of people, and start building that list? Simple. With a great landing page. I have just come across this amazing landing page generator, with industry busting templates. I'm no designer, so something like this is a god-send for me. Check out the video:

Want MORE details - then check it out here:


The REAL Secret to Ranking On Page 1 of Google

Is Your Quest of Ranking on Page 1 of Google Damaging Your Business?

I know, I know, you probably think I am being crazy, but trying to HARD when it comes to ranking on Page 1 of Google could be causing your business harm. And here is why: 

SEO in the Beginning

When I first started with ranking on Page 1 of Google for my websites - it was easy. I mean real easy. People had sussed out what Google used to rank sites. Back Links, on page SEO that was about it. Get Keyword matching domain, post a couple of thin articles, create some articles with keywords, stick them on article directories, link them back to your site (using keyword as anchor text). Build loads of back links from anywhere. And you were done - page 1 of Google. Simples. But GOOGLE have well and truly slammed that door shut now, with various algorithm changes with their crazy name search engine changes. Google Panda, Google Penguin, Google Hummingbird etc. Now things are very different. And yet - one thing remains unchanged.  What is that? Simple. Quality content.

Ranking In Google NOW

Google has over 200 signals it uses when ranking sites. So trying to hit every one of those signals takes time, and A LOT of effort. But one thing I have learnt - is that being on Page 1 of Google is not the be all and end all - traffic is. Now that may sound strange, because surely you get traffic by being number 1 on Google. And that is correct, bit traffic comes from creating compelling content that people want to share, and link to - and in doing so - the quality rises to the top. So you can concentrate all your efforts on trying to workout how the Google search engines work - and kid them first, and then concentrate on the articles. Or concentrate on your articles first.

Why did you start your blog - to share your content

When you started a website, or blogging - why was that. Just to make money, or to share your knowledge and advice. If it was the first, then you are not building your business on solid ground. If it is to share knowledge and advice, then the money will follow - if you do it right. The REAL secret is creating content that people want - is to understand what people are looking for, and how they are looking for. That has never changed. This is your keyword research - and is still a crucial part of ranking. The key is to discover what people want want answered, and how they are trying to find the answers.

So if you can create quality content, in detail and well presented, then you are already halfway to ranking. Yes SEO is still important, but after keyword research, creating the quality content, with rich media, then the SEO should follow. The content creation should be your priority, after all, without content, you have nothing worth utilising the power of SEO. And good content will make your SEO easier.

So, here is how you should concentrate your efforts:

  1. Keyword Research to find out what your audience is wanting to know
  2. Writing an 800+ word article, with pictures, and headings (reflecting your keywords and latent semantic keywords)
  3. On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

Let me know what you think?