What Are the 3 Steps to Internet Marketing Success?

The 3 Steps to Internet Marketing Success Explained.

3 Steps to Internet Marketing SuccessWhen it comes to Internet marketing success, like anything in life, understanding the key principles is key. To be successful at internet marketing it is important to understand what works NOW, rather than what "might" have worked in the past. And Yet, fundamentally, what works today has always worked well, it has just often been overlooked by the latest trend in internet marketing.

So what are the 3 Steps to Internet Marketing Success? Simple:

  • 1 . Build a Site
  • 2. Create an EMAIL LIST/OPTIN List
  • 3. Engage with your LIST, and Monetise and Convert that List.


Think abut it, by not having a list, how much are you losing every day from potential sales? $500, $1000, $5,000 $10,000, $30,000 ??

These are just small amounts that YOU could be losing by NOT building a list of hungry customers for your online business.

So I want to ask …….

How Much Are You Leaving on the table?” by not building your list. You see…. building an online business is not JUST about having a great site. You may have heard the phrase “The money is in the list”. But the truth is that the money is ONLY in the Relatioship you have with the list.

So whether you are a LOCAL business or  online business, whether you sale phyiscal products, information products or services …...having a website that you can use to inform people about your business is NOT ENOUGH, to truely success, you NEED to build your list. This isis key to your success.

BUT where do you start?

Well, in order to really succeed with this you MUST impement the following 3 steps.

STEP 1 - You Need Your Own Website that your visitors can land on, before you can get them on to your list.

How? By using using WordPress. WordPress is super easy to use even if you don’t need any technical knowledge.

It is easy to maintain and has many many benefits.

Step 2 - You need to BUILD and grow your email list to get more sales.

All of the top Internet Marketers will tell you - the Money is in the List. What they mean, is - you will make your sales from the list you build, and not necessarily first time visitors to your site.

In fact - analysis shows that customers tend not to buy until after 5 communications. So you need to capture a vistors details.

Once you get them on to your list, you need to build a relationship with them before you can sell or make money.

So in Step no 3 - it is time to Convert and Monetise the List.

You see, once you have got someone on to your list who has shown interest, you will still need to build a relationship with them. Because the fomula is:

great content = trust = relationship

you give great content that results in trust which results in relationships that ultimately results in sales and conversions

And Ultimately = sales and conversions!


How Do You LEARN to Do ALL of This?

I have designed the WordPress and List Building Bootcamp to teach you how to master these 3 Key steps for Internet Marketing Success.

Which you will learn more about in this course. But how do you do this withour communicating with them one and one.

Well by the end of this course you will know how to set up your relathionship building on autopilot

Thus leaving you time to concentrate on other areas of your life or business. So, if you want to

  • know how to build a professional looking site for your business - without any prior coding experience or programming skills
  • build a list of eager customers, and
  • convert that list in to sales -


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